Apple Watch Ultra Review – Is it Worth it?

If anyone asks me to describe Apple Watch Ultra in 3 words, I’d mention ruggedness, sophistication, and elegance. Released on 23rd September 2023, this smartwatch is a true marvel. It has everything a tech-savvy fitness enthusiast could wish for, from a formidable Titanium casing to unmatched activity tracking. It’s stylish, sleek, and built to last in extreme environments. As a current owner and huge fan of outdoor sports and adventures, I highly recommend this product to individuals who love working out and exploring the outdoors.

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Design and Build

I’ve come across countless smartwatches made from different materials, but none can compare to this product’s Titanium case. Titanium, the material used to make Apple Watch Ultra, has the highest strength-to-density ratio compared to all other known metallic elements. So, you can expect this watch to last a couple of years at the very least, even in high-stress environments.

Apple Watch Ultra is also built to impress. The first time I saw this marvel, I couldn’t take my eyes off the enchanting silver finish. And as an outdoorsy person, I couldn’t avoid the allure of the smartwatch’s rugged build that radiated unmatched capability.

Screen and Display

Besides the build and design, the other feature that made me fall madly in love with the Apple Watch Ultra is its display, which is covered with sapphire crystal. If you haven’t heard of this material yet, let me give you a teaser. First, only a diamond tool can scratch an item made of sapphire crystal. So, you don’t have to worry about anything in the greater outdoors ruining the smartwatch’s screen.

As if that’s not enough, this smartwatch has the biggest and brightest screen today. Like most other Apple smartwatches, Ultra incorporates the Always-On Retina display. This feature allows you to view whatever is on the gadget’s screen, be it the time or a text message, by simply glancing at it. So you won’t need to tap the screen, fumble with buttons, or squint when direct sunlight hits your watch.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The first time I tried this smartwatch’s fitness tracking feature, I was impressed. It monitors everything you do, including how much you stand in place, move around, and exercise. You can use the installed Activity app to set goals, like the number of steps you’d like to take in a day. The watch notifies you every time you shatter your goals.

Additionally, while using this smartwatch, I was able to select specific workout modes like swimming and running. That proved indispensable because most of the gadgets I used in the past didn’t have this function, and as a result, they were plagued by false step counts and inaccurate data collection.  

Apple Watch Ultra also uses health sensors to monitor the wearer’s well-being and offer life-saving insights. My gadget shares important information regarding my heart rate and blood oxygen level, enabling me to gauge my health status at any moment. I also use it to track medications and keep an eye on my temperature.

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep monitoring may sound creepy to a newbie, but I swear it’s not. By saying that Apple Watch Ultra monitors your sleep, I don’t mean it spies on you while you’re getting some shut-eye; far from it. On the contrary, it enables you to track your sleep patterns and adjust accordingly.

I use this smartwatch to create bed schedules that improve sleep quality, an indispensable ingredient in maintaining top-notch physical and mental health. With this watch, I can also estimate time spent in every sleep stage, from REM to Deep sleep. If you’re questioning the sleep quality you get every night, this gadget’s sleep monitoring feature is worth checking out.  

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Battery Life

After laying my hands on my first Apple Watch Ultra, I was slightly disappointed by its battery life. Having sampled most other gob-smacking features it offers, I didn’t expect the smartwatch to last only 36 hours on a full charge.

However, I’ve discovered several hacks for extending the battery life to around 60 hours. For starters, I often turn off the heart rate sensor while working out and enable power-saving mode. Try it out. And don’t worry. If you are concerned about cardiovascular health, use a chest strap. It will help you monitor your heart rate while allowing the smartwatch to conserve power.  

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Apple Watch Ultra Review - Is it Worth it

Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch Ultra

Pros – What We Like

  • The Apple Watch Ultra is stunning. Of course, you can rock it while exercising or exploring the outdoors. But besides that, this smartwatch’s design and overall appeal make it ideal for everyday wear. I go with it to most occasions, from official meetings and dinners to casual outings and date nights.  
  • This smartwatch uses precision dual-frequency GPS to ensure wearers enjoy accurate route, pace, and distance calculations. I find this feature invaluable since gadgets with conventional single-frequency GPS often give inaccurate data because the signal can’t bypass tall buildings, trees, etc.
  • If you love swimming and diving, I have some good news. The Apple Watch Ultra is water-resistant up to 100m. That means you can enjoy water sports or an idle day in the pool without taking off your smartwatch. And you shouldn’t worry about rust eating through your gadget because the Titanium casing is resistant to corrosion and rusting.
  • Cellular is a built-in feature in the Apple Watch Ultra. I often use my smartwatch to text or call, even without my iPhone. Plus, this feature also works overseas, but it demands international roaming. Not to forget, with this device, you can stream podcasts and music.

Cons – What We Don’t Like

  • Despite having a titanium case, this smartwatch is quite hefty. It’s the heaviest Apple watch today. Getting used to its weight and larger size took me a couple of days. But now, I haul it around without any discernible difficulties.
  • Ultra doesn’t pair with most of today’s popular gadgets. Only an iPhone with the Watch app can connect to this smartwatch. So forget about using this gadget with any other device, including an Android phone, a Mac, or an iPad.
  • The smartwatch’s battery life is pretty short. You can enhance it using hacks like turning on Low Power Mode, but that comes with myriad challenges, including reduced screen brightness. I’ve tried and found the display slightly too dark for my liking.

Price – Should You Buy It?

Apple products are known to be pricey, and the Apple Watch Ultra is no exception. The price tag is high enough to encourage more than a few concerns. When I first saw it, one question came to my mind: Is this item worth that ungodly price? Although I was concerned then, I’ve learned that this gadget is worth every penny.

If you have fit the budget, get an Apple Watch Ultra. The smartwatch’s amazing look, features, and functions are worth splurging on. But as I mentioned earlier, its battery life leaves something to be desired. If you prefer having a gadget that lasts longer, consider choosing better alternatives like Fitbit Blaze.  

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Key Features of the Apple Watch Ultra?

Key features include a large, bright display, ultra-durable titanium casing, enhanced GPS tracking, tide tracking for ocean sports, an 86dB siren, dive computer functions, and extra-long battery life.

How is the Size and Display Compared to Other Apple Watch Models?

The Ultra has a 49mm casing and a larger, brighter display than other models at 410 nit brightness. The screen is 7% larger than the Series 8 45mm model.

What Kind of Battery Life Does the Ultra Provide?

Apple claims up to 36 hours of normal use or 60 hours on low-power settings. Ideal for multi-day adventures without charging.

Does the Ultra Have the Same Health/Fitness Sensors as Other Apple Watches?

Yes, it includes core sensors like heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, compass, always-on altimeter, and temperature sensor. Fitness tracking is on par with other models.

How Durable and Water-resistant is the New Ultra Model?

It has a titanium casing built to survive extreme environments. The Ultra is certified to WR100 for diving to 100 meters.

Does the Ultra Connect to and Sync Data With Apple’s Other Devices and Services?

Yes, it syncs seamlessly with iPhone and provides connectivity to Apple services like Fitness+, Music, Wallet, and Maps.

Apple Watch Ultra Review - Is it Worth it