Best Fitbit for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for 2020

best fitbit for kids

While there are many activity trackers for kids out there, the best you can get for your child is inarguably from Fitbit.


Because Fitbit has becomes such a powerful household name that designs the best fitness trackers in the world.

Put it on the same table with Letscom and Lintelek and it win. Compare it with Garmin or Samsung and you’ll notice that it’s far much ahead in the competition. Even entry-level brands are still trying so hard to be as good as Fitbit is.

And do you know what else there is to love about Fitbit?

It’s the fact that its trackers aren’t for men and women alone. Even your kids can wear them and enjoy the benefits just as adults do.

Best Fitbit for Kids Reviews

The following is a review of the top rated Fitbit activity trackers that you can buy for your boy or girl. Whether you’re on a budget or you don’t care about it at all, check out the following list.

1. Fitbit Blaze for Kids

  • Good battery life, you get a runtime of 5 days on a single charge provided notifications and GPS are off
  • A multisport fitness tracker, automatically tracks different types of workout and logs them for you so you get credit for any workout
  • Clear and crisp display, content is easy to read
  • Your child can even use it to control music if they own a smartphone
  • The band may not be comfortable enough for some kids to sleep in
  • Poor battery life on GPS mode
  • The charger gets loose sometimes and this can really be annoying for some kids
  • The heart rate monitor of this device isn’t always accurate

2. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband

  • Good fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor
  • Best for kids who love to walk, run, and play around with their friends
  • Calorie counter is a good option that lets you adjust your child’s diet so they eat less calories than the body burns
  • This activity and fitness tracker doesn’t feature a built-in GPS
  • Screen size is small so notifications may be hard to read
  • Not waterproof, hence not suitable for teenagers that love to swim

3. Fitbit Flex for Older Boys and Girls

  • Features a super effective alarm that vibrates to wake up your child so that they can get ready for school every morning
  • Available in different colors, so you can choose one that best suits your child
  • Can synchronize to any Android, Windows, or iOS device and even has a 20 feet synch range
  • Good battery life, your child gets a runtime of 7 days from a single charge
  • Not ideal for kids under the age of 13
  • Not waterproof hence not ideal for kids that love swimming
  • Not shower proof

4. Fitbit One

  • Good for basic fitness tracking – tracks steps taken, stairs climbed, distance covered, and calories burned
  • Includes a vibrating alarm for waking up a child in the morning
  • You can synchronize data from the device to any Android, iOS, or Windows device
  • This device chocking parts and it’s therefore not suitable for kids under 3 years of age
  • It’s difficult to carry around and your child can easily lose it, especially if they are the kind that move around a lot
  • Available only in two color schemes since debut

5. Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch

  • This fitness tracker has a built-in GPS system
  • It includes a heart rate monitor, which works 24/7
  • Easy data synchronization with computer and more than 100 smart devices
  • Track all your child’s fitness and health activities, from distance covered to quality of sleep
  • It’s not waterproof, hence not suitable for kids that love to go swimming
  • This one is good only for older kids
  • The heart rate monitor of this fitness and activity tracker is not always accurate

Features that Make Fitbit Suitable for Kids of All Ages

Now get this:

Your goal for buying kids Fitbit watches should be to motivate them to get up, workout, and stay active.

But make sure you teach them how the device works and its usefulness before they wear it on their wrist or clip it on their pants.

Once they know the benefits, it will be easy for them to look forward to using the device and get the most out of it.

At the very least, the best Fitbit for kids should do four things really well. It should:

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