Top 7 Best Fitness Tracker for Mountain Biking

Fitness Tracker for Mountain Biking

Although there are hundreds of fitness tracking devices for running and jogging, it’s not always easy to find one that’s designed for monitoring mountain biking — but they do exist.

If you are in the market for a fitness tracker or smartwatches that can help track your mountain biking activities, you’re in luck. In this piece, we’ll share with you a list of top 7 best fitness tracker for mountain biking. We hope our list will help you choose a tracker that suits your needs and budget. Read on!

1. Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch

Fitness Tracker for Mountain Biking

This rugged and robust fitness tracker has all the features and capabilities for a serious mountain biking enthusiast. The Suunto 9 GPS Sports has advanced sensors that can track everything about mountain biking accurately and in real-time.

It monitors height covered, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and more. But biking is not the only sport this watch can track; it can monitor 14 other sports activities. Not so many smartwatches can do this.

Aside from physical activities, this watch can also keep tabs on your sleeping pattern, diet, and also comes with stress features that can measure your stress and anxiety levels.

It has extra features such as alarm, call and SMS alert, etc. Worried that you may get lost while biking? Well, this watch has an in-built GPS, which will make it easy for you to find your way. The Suunto 9 also has a battery life that can last for a whopping 120-hour. No bones about it; that’s impressive.

The only drawback that we noted about this watch is that its screen can be hard to read, especially in extremely bright conditions. The menu can also be confusing and hard to navigate.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Advanced sensors
  • Lots of sports modes
  • Rugged design


  • Screen not legible sometimes
  • Confusing menus 

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch


What is the best watch for mountain biking? Ask any cyclist this question, and we guarantee that the Samsung Galaxy Watch will rank first or be somewhere at the top of their list, and is also a good Fitbit alternative. The Samsung Galaxy Watch can give you comprehensive and easy to use data about the distance you have cycled, the number of calories burned, breathing rate, breathing rate, and more.

On top of that, this wristwatch has cellular features; thus, it can inform you of incoming texts, emails, and calls even if your phone is not in range.

So, what is the best fitness tracker for biking? The answer could be the Samsung Galaxy Watch.  The design of this watch makes it look and feel like a premium smartwatch.  It comes with a circular stainless-steel case that highly durable. The materials used to make the bands can survive even on the most extreme adventures.

What about battery life? Well, Samsung has built a name in the industry, so you can be sure that the batter can outlast even the longest mountain biking challenges. Our batteries lasted for 4 days. However, the voice assistant, Bixby, which comes with this watch, is terrible. But it could be improved with an on-air update.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Great software
  • Advanced tracking capabilities


  • The voice assistant is terrible
  • No Google maps

3. Apple Watch Series 5


Apple watches can track your steps, running and spinning, but can an Apple watch track mountain biking? Yes, it can. And no Apple watch will cater to your biking tracking needs like the Apple Watch Series 5.

This wristwatch will track almost everything you want it to, including your HR, blood oxygen levels, cycling distance or height, and breathing. But that not all, the Apple Series 5 will soon get an update to track your sleep and stress levels.

The Apple Watch Series 5 also ranks among the most good-looking and well-designed smartwatches in the market today. It’s also made to last for years, and its materials are dust, debris, and scratch-resistant. The watch is also lightweight and feels comfortable on the wrist.

We were disappointed by the battery life. It only lasted for 16 hours. Other Apple watch versions such as series 4 and 3 can easily make it past twenty-four hours. But this is something we expected because unlike its predecessors, the Series 5 has an always-on display.


  • Always-on display
  • Gorgeous design
  • Fun to use interface


  • Poor battery life

4. Fitbit Charge 4


Will Fitbit track my bike ride? This is a question that we have seen popup in fitness forums for a long time now. To help put this question to rest, we decided to test several Fitbit to see if they can track bike riding.

What did we find out?

Yes, Fitbits are capable of tracking biking riding. But we found some Fitbits are more effective than others. One of the most effective Fitbit for mountain biking is the Fitbit Charge 4.

This unit will take data on just about every part of your biking to maximize performance. Like its predecessor, the Fitbit Charge 4, this wrist fitness tracker can monitor your heart rate, breathing, stress levels, and energy levels.

But unlike its predecessor, Charge 4 has an inbuilt GPS, which makes it possible to track your outdoor activities even if you left your phone at home. We didn’t like the monochrome display; it’s sometimes difficult to use.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Built-in GPS
  • Advanced tracking


  • Monochrome display 

5. Polar Ignite Fitness Watch

Polar Ignite Fitness Watch

The Polar Ignite Fitness Watch can also be a great biking partner. It’ll give you essential data about your mountain biking activity and let you know if you’re pushing yourself hard enough or not.

What about when you’ve finished your mountain biking adventure? This Polar unit is lightweight and comfortable to wear; it can double as your daily wristwatch.

Besides tracking your biking, this watch can also track other types of workouts, such as weight lifting, push-ups, and more. The watch also comes with special sensors that can keep tabs on your breathing and hydration. Yes, you read that right, this watch can tell you if you are well-hydrated or not. Amazing right?

The design is excellent, and the material used to make it is attractive and durable. The display is also great. We, however, think the touchscreen sensitivity could be better. Sometimes the watch too long to register a touch.


  • Advanced tracking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great design
  • Comprehensive and easy to use data


  • Touchscreen sensitive could be better

6. Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

Mountain bike enthusiasts love the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire, and it’s for good reasons. This watch has a robust design that can withstand any challenges that may come with mountain biking. The Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire can track your HR, energy levels, stress, anxiety levels, blood oxygen levels, and breathing rate with high precision.

This watch can also track all your indoor workouts with high accuracy. The data that the watch provides is comprehensive and can give you a full picture of your body activities. The menu is also easy to navigate and understand.

But what we really liked about this wristwatch is the solar-charged display. This means your watch can use solar to boost its battery life while outdoors. Be warned, however, that this watch is a bit pricy


  • Advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Impressive UI
  • High-quality build materials and design


  • Pricy

7. Garmin Instinct

Fitness Tracker for Mountain Biking

The Garmin Instinct is another Garmin unit that can also help you keep track of your mountain biking. This unit will track your energy levels, heart rate, distance traveled, blood oxygen levels, and the number of calories burned. The watch can also track your sleep pattern and breathing.

The Garmin Instinct has a rugged design that makes it resistant to wear and tear. The materials used to make this watch are also lightweight and highly durable. The watch is also comfortable to wear 24/7. The display is good but has a low-resolution that makes it hard to use in bright conditions.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Rugged, Attractive design
  • Lots of sports modes


  • Low-resolution

FAQ: Do Any Fitness Trackers Track Biking?

No, not all fitness trackers can track biking.

Final Word

This list of the top 7 best fitness tracker for mountain biking can help you choose the best fitness tracker for a biking enthusiast like you. Be sure to keep it in mind when you go shopping for a fitness tracker.

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