BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker [explained and setup]

Fitness trackers are the latest technological evolution. Since their introduction, these units have offered a great fitness experience like never before! Take the example of the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker. This device is designed to collect a broad range of data about your physical activity.

What’s more, it is not just designed for active athletes, but pretty much every person interested in staying in shape and healthy through various fitness activities or stretching techniques.

How to Turn on the BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker

Got a new BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker but don’t know how to turn it on and start tracking your activity? Don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered. 

Turning on your new BIGGERFIVE band is simple First up, make sure to charge up that band before strapping it on. The struggle is real when your tracker dies mid-workout! Plug the charging cable into the port on the back of the band. I like to give it a good 30 minutes of juicing up before taking it for a spin. 

Once you’ve charged your band you’ll press and hold the touch button on the band’s face until you see the startup screen light up. Boom – you’re officially powered on! Wasn’t that easy? From there, you’ll just download the BIGGERFIVE app and pair your band to your phone via Bluetooth.

So, feel free to have the app remind you to keep your schedule organized, and you will find yourself making the most out of your efforts in your daily activities, whether you’re jogging or scuba diving

What App Do You Use for the BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker?



First things first, download the free BIGGERFIVE app on your phone, whether you got an iPhone or Android. The app lets you sync up with your band via Bluetooth – so your phone and tracker can “talk” to each other. 

Once you install the app, it’ll take you through getting the two connected and setting up your personal profile. It’s mad easy, just gotta follow the steps.

Now the fun begins! The BIGGERFIVE app makes it super simple to monitor your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep patterns – you name it. You can check out all your daily stats, see how active you are (or aren’t), and how well you’re snoozing each night.

It all updates automatically since your tracker is synced. The app will even send you reminders to get off that couch and start moving!

How Do You Set Up a BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker?

Step Description
1 Charge tracker fully with included charging cable
2 Download the BIGGERFIVE app on your smartphone
3 Open the app, create an account and login
4 Go to your profile in the app and select “Add Device”
5 Put tracker in pairing mode by long pressing touch button
6 App will detect device, follow on-screen prompts to connect
7 Sync tracker to app and start using!

The fitness tracker comes in a small box, and inside the box, there is an instruction manual, a service card with the support contact details, straps, and the main watch. Charging it is very easy. All you need to do is pull the bottom strap and plug it directly into a USB port on a computer port charger or a power bank for 1–2 hours.

1. Starting New Activities

Tap and hold the “run” icon at the bottom of the screen to start an activity like running. To stop the activity, tap and hold again. After doing this, the tracker will give you stats like pace, distance, and workout route map.

Other details include the number of steps, mileage, and the duration of your activities. You’ll also see sleep stats, including deep sleep and awake. Additionally, you’ll see the heart rate, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate as well as call notifications.

2. Setting Notifications

If you want the app to send you call notifications, tap on the “call alert” at the bottom of the app and enable the call alert. If you want to set the alarm on your activity, tap the alert sign on the top right side of the screen.

Also, remember to set the time and the schedule of your alarm. You can also set alerts to receive texts, emails, and social media notifications. First, enable “allow notifications” and then select the alert you want to receive notifications from. Remember to tap the correct sign.

3. Changing Activities

If you wish to change the activities displayed on the BIGGERFIVE tracker, tap on “more”. Then tap on the plus icon. Remember, only three activities can be selected at a time. So, make sure you unselect the activities you don’t want to display, such as cycling. Then add the activities you want to display, let’s say workout.

If you want to change all the activities displayed on the activity tracker, tap the correct sign on the right side of the screen. Lastly, to change the display on the watch, tap on the “dial settings” to choose the display option you would like and then tap confirm.

How Do I Change or Set the Time on My BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker?

If you’ve just got a new BIGGERFIVE tracker, you’ll want to make sure the time is set correctly before starting to log your activity. Here’s a quick guide on how to change or set the time:

Step 1: First, open the BIGGERFIVE app on your paired smartphone and go to your profile page. From there, tap “Device Settings” and select your BIGGERFIVE tracker. You’ll see an option to adjust the time.

Step 2: In the app, simply tap the time setting and manually set the desired time on your BIGGERFIVE band. Make sure to set it to the correct hour and minutes—be careful to pick AM or PM correctly if setting in 12-hour format. 

Step 3: You can also toggle the “Sync Time” setting to on if you want the app to automatically sync the time between your smartphone and BIGGERFIVE tracker. This will ensure both display the same accurate time going forward.

Once you enter the new time or enable time syncing in the app, the update will transfer seamlessly to your BIGGERFIVE in just a moment or two. And just like that—your fitness tracker will be set to the right time!

    How Do I Put My BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker in Pairing Mode? 

    Pairing your BIGGERFIVE tracker with your smartphone is important to sync data and access all the great app features. Getting your device into pairing mode is easy:

    1. Open the BIGGERFIVE app on your phone and tap “Add Device” or “+” on the home page. 

    2. On your tracker, press and hold the touch button on the band’s face for 5-7 seconds until you see the Bluetooth icon appear. This means pairing mode is activated.

    3. The app will now automatically detect your tracker and show it as an available device to connect. Tap to pair.

    4. If prompted, confirm pairing on your band by tapping the touch button once. 

    5. Once successfully paired, your BIGGERFIVE tracker and app will be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth. Your band’s data will now sync to the app.

    And that’s it – you’ve successfully put your fitness tracker into pairing mode and connected it with your smartphone! Changing Bluetooth devices in the future is a breeze by simply repeating the same quick steps.

    Staying Active With a Fitness Tracker 

    Now that you can pair, it’s time to stay active.

    First, it’s important to be familiar with your fitness tracker and its features. You will find a button to navigate through the onscreen menus, which may offer steps such as calories burned, and many more.

    This will sometimes be combined with other options such as cycling and more.

    For wearables that have a touch screen, you’ll need to learn about the different gestures such as swiping up, down, or tapping to navigate around with ease.

    The BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker offers its users the potential to be in great shape and control their health. However, for best results, ensure you use your tracker correctly. We hope this post was helpful.

    Common Questions

    What does the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker do?

    The BIGGERFIVE is an activity tracker worn on your wrist that monitors your movement 24/7. It tracks steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, sleep stages, and more. The data provides insights into your daily activity, exercise, and sleep quality.

    Which smartphones can I use with BIGGERFIVE?

    BIGGERFIVE is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. As long as your phone has Bluetooth capability, it can pair with the BIGGERFIVE app to sync your activity data.

    How do I wear the BIGGERFIVE tracker properly? 

    Wear BIGGERFIVE on your wrist just behind your hand. It should rest snugly but comfortably on top of your wrist bone. Be sure the band is not too tight or loose. For optimal heart rate monitoring, avoid wearing your tracker on the same arm as a watch or jewelry.

    Can I shower or swim with BIGGERFIVE?

    BIGGERFIVE has a water resistance rating of 5ATM, meaning it can withstand showering and swimming in up to 50 meters depth of water. However, it should not be used for high velocity water sports. Avoid pressing buttons underwater.

    How long does the battery last, and how do I charge it?

    The BIGGERFIVE tracker’s battery lasts 5-7 days on average. When low, it should be charged for 1-2 hours via the included charging cable. Align the pins and clip the cable securely onto the port on the back of the tracker to charge