BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker [explained and setup]

biggerfive fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are the latest technological evolution.

Since their introduction, these units have offered a great fitness experience like never before!

Take the example of the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker-this device is designed to collect a broad range of data about your physical activity.

What’s more, it is not just designed for active athletes but pretty much every person interested in staying in shape and healthy through various fitness activities.

Read on as we discuss the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker in detail!

How to turn on the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker

To turn on or navigate between the screens, tap the icon on the bottom of the screen.

The first screen displays time, the second screen will show you how many you have completed during the day, and the third screen will show the heart rate.

In addition to that, the watch also supports different displays or dial settings for the screen.

So, feel free to have the app remind you to keep your schedule organized, and you will find yourself making the most out of your efforts.

What app do you use for the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker?

The VeryFit app is the main app used in the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker.

This is a free mobile application that helps track different regimens such as sleep, activity, and heart rate. For example, sleep comprises both light and deep sleep and the average duration.

The heart rate records include cardio exercise and fat burning.

Other activities include the number of calories the user has burned, the distance traveled, and the time taken during the movement. In addition, the application records your workout and acts as a reminder of the set times that you should exercise.

How to download VeryFit App

Before downloading the application, please review the compatibility with your Smartphone. Most of the apps available on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store are made exclusively for mobile platforms. That said VeryFit app is compatible with both android and iOS smartphones.

You can easily go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download the application. No payment is required.

Once you have done that, you can enjoy most of the features in the applications, which is extremely useful when it comes to managing your schedule and keeping track of other processes. However, you may be required to make several in-app purchases to make the app even more appealing.

Just like many other Smartphone applications, the VeryFit app will require certain sets of access permissions such as camera, storage to save the data effectively, and most importantly, the internet to keep you updated to the ever-improving training experience within the application.

How do you set up a BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker?

The fitness tracker comes in a small box, and inside the box, there is an instruction manual, a service card with the support contact details, straps, and the main watch. Charging it is very easy. All you need to do is pull the bottom strap and plug it directly into a USB port on a computer port charger or a power bank for 1-2 hours.

1. Starting New Activities

Tap and hold the “run” icon at the bottom of the screen to start an activity like running. To stop the activity, tap and hold again. After doing this, the tracker will give you stats like pace, distance, and workout route map.

Other details include the number of steps, mileage, and the duration of your activities. You’ll also see sleep stats, including deep sleep and awake. Additionally, you’ll see the heart rate, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate as well as call notifications.

2. Setting Notifications

If you want the app to send you call notifications, tap on the “call alert” at the bottom of the app and enable the call alert. If you want to set the alarm on your activity, tap the alert sign on the top right side of the screen.

Also, remember to set the time and the schedule of your alarm. You can also set alerts to receive texts, email, and social media notifications. First, enable “allow notifications” and then select the alert you want to receive notifications from. Remember to tap the correct sign.

3. Changing Activities

If you wish to change the activities displayed on the BIGGERFIVE tracker, tap on “more”. Then tap on the plus icon. Remember, only three activities can be selected at a time. So, make sure you unselect the activities you don’t want to display, such as cycling. Then add the activities you want to display, let say workout.

If you want to change all the activities displayed on the activity tracker, tap the correct sign on the right side of the screen. Lastly, to change the display on the watch, tap on the “dial settings” to choose the display option you would like and then tap confirm.

4. Setting the Sleep Monitor

For sleep monitor functionality, the tracker automatically monitors your sleep once it has enough power. Ensure the wrist band is close to your wrist for accurate data. This is because the tracker determines your sleeping status based on your wrist action and body movement.

The sleep information is also related to your personal information, so make sure your personal info on your application is updated. To set the sleep monitor, go to the “VeryFitPro” app, select “user”, and set “connected status.” Under connected status, go to the app’s main page and swipe down the screen to synchronize data to the app.

How do I change the time on my BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker?

Generally, your BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker should be set the correct time automatically. This means that you don’t need to change anything for it to track your activities –even in unusual situations such as clocks change for daylight saving time.

Occasionally, you may face challenges, especially when you change time zones and the BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker does not automatically update.

In such situations, it is still easy to change the time on your device from your device, and your BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker will show the correct time after the next sync.

First, you need to download and install the Veryfit2.0 APP on your Smartphone. This will allow you to connect the fitness tracker with your phone.

Once that has been done, sync the data with your Smartphone. Now select “devise” on your phone, go to time, and choose either 12 or 24-hour clock. After that, Scroll down and tap “Advanced settings” depending on how the time zone control is set and do one of the following:

  • If “set automatically” is turned off and the time and date are set incorrectly, turn it on by swiping the button to the right. 
  • If “set automatically” is turned on and the time is still not right, turn it off by pushing the button to the left, and choosing the correct time zone.

How do I put my BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker in pairing mode? 

Make sure that the Bluetooth of your Smartphone is on when pairing the device. When searching and pairing the device, long-press the device’s screen and activate it.

The VeryFit app will search the device automatically. However, ensure that the distance between your Smartphone and the device is within 0.5 meters.

Now, go to your Smartphone system settings and find the Veryfit app. Enable the location and all the notifications. However, this may vary depending on different smartphones. Once that has been done, make sure that the fitness tracker is under unbind status before pairing.

Open a VeryFit app on your Smartphone and tap “bind device” for your Smartphone to start searching devices. Next, select “ID130” or “ID130HR” on the list of the devices you find to connect to the device to your Smartphone.

If you fail to search the device, restart your phone and Bluetooth to search it again. It is important to note that the device will disconnect in the following cases:

  • The phone Bluetooth was off, or the distance between the device and the phone exceeded the normal Bluetooth connection distance range.
  • The “VeryFit app” was ended in the phone background. Therefore, to reconnect, you need to go to your phone settings, find the VeryFit app and enable the location and all notifications. Also, clear all running processes in your Smartphone and go to the VeryFit app, swipe down the main page, then the device will reconnect to your Smartphone and refresh data.

Staying active with a fitness tracker 

Now that you can pair, it’s time to stay active.

First, it’s important to be familiar with your fitness tracker and its features. You will find a button to navigate through the onscreen menus, which may offer steps such as calories burned, many more.

This will sometimes be combined with other options such as cycling and more.

For wearables that have a touch screen, you’ll need to learn about the different gestures such as swiping up, down, or tapping to navigate around with ease.

The BIGGERFIVE fitness tracker offers its users the potential to be in great shape and control their health. However, for best results, ensure you use your tracker correctly. We hope this post was helpful.

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