Can I Use Someone Else’s Planet Fitness Card?

Planet Fitness Card

Like most fitness enthusiasts, you have probably heard of Planet Fitness. You possibly know that they have a wide variety of machines, free weights and that their gyms have a lowkey and relaxed atmosphere.

The only thing most people don’t know much about is their guest policy. And you may be wondering: Do they allow guests? Can I Use Someone Else’s Planet Fitness Card? In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about Planet Fitness’s guest policy.

Can You Use Someone Else’s Planet Fitness Card?

No, you can’t. Consequences of using someone else’s card may include anything from membership suspension to permanent revocation.

What if a membership card doesn’t have a name, image, or any outward identification marks, can you use it?

No. Why? Well, you see, each membership card contains an embedded chip that reveals the name and other identifying details of the real owner. This means that when you scan the card, Planet Fitness will know you are not the actual owner.

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You need to understand what the membership policy says about family members. Can a family member use my Planet Fitness membership? Or Can my wife use my Planet Fitness black card? No, they can’t. Your membership card can’t be used by anyone else.

If you want to get an overview of how Planet Fitness works and if it can fit your need, you can visit a Planet Fitness facility using a guest pass.

What’s a Guest Pass?

A guest pass is a pass that allows people to visit a Planet Fitness facility to check out how Planet Fitness works and the perks that they offer. Guest passes are usually free.

What Type Services Can You Use with a Guest Pass?

A guest pass allows you to use a variety of services available. But there may be some service that you be able to use if you are not a full member.

Can a Member Take Any Guest to the Facility?

Yes, a member can take any guest to the facility as long as they meet the age requirement.

How Old Does a Planet Fitness Guest Need to Be?

According to the planet fitness guest policy, you need to have reached the age of majority to be a Planet Fitness guest. As a guest, you’ll be required to produce your photo ID before you are allowed to enter the facility. That said, Planet Fitness can accept a guest as young as 13 years. But young guests will be required to show proof that they have parental permission.

What does Planet Fitness No Commitment Membership Mean?

It simply means members can cancel anytime they want, without any repercussions.

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