Can you charge your smartwatch overnight?

charge your smartwatch

Although smartwatches are efficient and full of potential, maintaining them can be a daunting task. One of the challenges you are likely to encounter when using a smartwatch is the question of charging.

What charging method is best for your smartwatch? Well, you can only handle this confusing question with the right information! Read on as we share the best ways to charge a smartwatch for better performance.

How to charge a smartwatch

The best way to charge your smartwatch is to use the wireless charger that comes with it. When charging, ensure you place the charger on a flat surface. Your space should be well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight exposure.

Your charging area should also be free from moisture or wetness of any kind. Sweat, water, or any spills can corrode your charger’s electrical contacts. Therefore, you should wipe dry your smartwatch and the ends of your charger before connecting your charger to a power source.

Here are more tips.

  • Always use chargers or cables that are purchased from authorized or authenticated dealers
  • Avoid using the USB y-cable, USB splitter, or USB hub at all costs! 
  • Ensure you have connected your charger correctly. Misused or improperly connected chargers may be the causes behind your damaged smartwatch

How do I know if my smartwatch is charging?

It is very simple to confirm whether your smartwatch is charging 

  • Firstly, you may find a light in the USB connector you are using to charge your smartwatch. A red light from the USB connector is a good indication of a successful charging spree. 
  • Additionally, you can look out for a lightning bolt at the top of the watch face. Such lighting shows that your watch is charging. The lightning bolt might be next to your battery percentage and may require you to swipe down and see.
  • Another way to tell whether your device is charging would be to observe your battery bars. The charging indicator signals the battery level status. An increasing battery level indicates that your smartwatch is charging

When should you charge your smartwatch?

We recommend that you charge your smartwatch after it has used 30% to 50% of its battery. Charging at this range helps extend your battery’s lifespan. 

Luckily, there are a variety of power sources that you can plug into for charging. Some of the common USB charging sources include a computer, a wall A/C, a USB adapter, and even a vehicle power port!

All you have to do is to set your smartwatch correctly on the charger. In doing so, you should ensure there is no gap between the charger and the watch. Also, confirm that your charger is passing the required power and switch it in case of contrary observations.


An effective charger cannot charge a defective watch! Always ensure your smartwatch is in the right condition before connecting it to a charger.

Can I charge my Galaxy Watch overnight?

You do not necessarily have to leave your smartwatch charging overnight (6-8 hours).

This is because most smartwatches take 1-2 hours to charge fully. This is regardless of whether you are using a Samsung Gear s3 or an alternative Samsung Galaxy watch. You can only charge your device overnight if it’s new or has not been used for an extended time!

With that said, if you are in the habit of leaving your smartwatch charging overnight, you can always commit yourself to wake up in the middle of the night to disconnect your smartwatch from the charger. Alternatively, you can plug your device into a smart plug and schedule it to turn off after full charge.

Can you overcharge your Galaxy Watch?

You cannot overcharge your phone’s battery. The Galaxy Watch has built-in protection chips that safeguard it from taking in more charge than it should. The charger that comes with the device is also of good quality and has protection chips that prevent the charger from releasing more power than needed.

Follow the tips below to enjoy a longer battery life:

  • Turn off most applications on your smartwatch. This includes Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth
  • Disable any notification or vibration. Use your watch infrequently and limit its use only to checking the time
  • Don’t use highly animate watch faces as they tend to drain your battery
  • Make sure your watch’s face is in timeout mode
  • Set your backlight to auto or completely turn off your backlight motion
  • Delete companion apps

Most smartwatches have a small rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Due to the small size, the smartwatch charge faster and can hold only so much capacity. Therefore, it is essential to charge your watch once it has consumed 50% of its battery.

It is equally important to disconnect it from charge once it is fully charged. Keeping the device longer on the charger will affect the watch’s ability to hold a charge and result in a gradual loss of your smart watch’s capacity.

Remember that your smart watch’s battery capacity translates to its lifespan! Refer to this post and more on our website for insightful posts when using your smartwatch.

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