How to Charge Letscom Fitness Tracker—The Easy Steps

charge letscom

The first step to shifting to a new and healthier lifestyle is getting the right fitness tracker. A fitness tracker provides information about the calories level a body has burned, the number of steps taken, and the amount of sleep slept within a given period. Here are details about the Letscom fitness tracker charging system and how to set it to sleeping mode.  

Letscom Fitness Tracker-Charging System

A Letscom fitness tracker has a built-in plug for the purpose of charging. Users do not need to buy a cable charger and adapter. Go on and plug your system directly into a USB port when powering it up.

The power charge is an added advantage that makes the Letscom fitness tracker perfect in the market. The watch has specifications that enable it to hold charge well for up to seven days. This fitness tracker is ideal when going hiking as it holds power for long.

The activity tracker allows one to plug the sensor into any USB port. You definitely have charging cables with the many chargeable devices at home. Letscom fitness tracker uses the available charges when charging it.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Letscom Fitness Tracker?

During the installation process of your tracker, make sure the device is charged for more than two hours before you start using it. Confirm that you see the red light when charging the activity tracker. Detach the lower part of the band when recharging the battery.  

How do I Set Sleep Mode on Letscom Fitness Tracker?

A Letscom fitness device is designed to detect micromovements during the day and night. When sleeping the tracker will derive your sleep quality, the duration is taken before falling asleep, and the number of times you woke up at night.

The provided information helps the users to determine whether they had a deep sleep or a light one during the night. Your device uses your movements during the phases to make the conclusion. Details about your sleep are available at the Letscom fitness device.

Not sure how set it to sleep mode? First, you must ensure you have a smartphone (Android or iOS). Here is the procedure on how you track your sleep using the Letscom Fitness Tracker.

  • First, you search and download the VeryFitPro app on your phone. The app is free to download.
  • Set your tracker to Bluetooth discoverable mode. You can ensure this by ensuring a Bluetooth symbol appears on the screen
  • Launch the Bluetooth app, tap on the device button, select Bind device, and Bluetooth device identity details of the tracker will appear on the screen, tap to connect.
  • After connection takes place, launch VeryFitPro app
  • Ensure the Bluetooth is always on and, both in the phone and tracker. Devices SHOULD remain near to each other ever too.
  • When you open the app, there are five buttons: giant orange plus, device, user, details, and main page.
  • The main page displays all activities completed at the end of the day.
  • To set to sleep mode, tap on the sleep tab.

Sleep mode will show three data tabs: Deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-sleep. It will display the duration of rest and sleep patterns of the previous night when tapping on the number of hours.


There are several fitness trackers in the market today, Letscom fitness trackers are exceptional for you because of its simplicity and accuracy on data recording. Furthermore, their trackers are available at friendly prices, and their durability is unspeakable. Go and get yours today!

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