Does Sleep Tracking Work on Airplane Mode?

Sleep tracking on most smartwatches usually works even with airplane mode turned on. This is because the sleep-tracking technology on most smartwatches doesn’t require an active internet connection to function properly. 

However, airplane mode can affect other functions related to sleep tracking, such as data analysis and synchronization, necessitating some precautions. Here is a brief guide on how airplane mode affects your smartwatch’s sleep-tracking function. 

Do Smartwatches Have Airplane Mode? 

Smartwatches, smartphones, and most other (but not all) internet-enabled devices usually feature an airplane mode. This mode stops the smartwatch from transmitting all radiofrequency signals, effectively disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other network connections. 

Flight mode is a necessary feature in every smartphone. Wireless connections are restricted in some environments, such as a hospital or airplane – they can interfere with the hospital’s or plane’s networks and equipment, potentially causing serious accidents. Flight mode also offers other advantages, such as reducing the smartwatch’s power usage and increasing its battery life. 

Turning airplane mode on and off on a smartwatch is quick and easy, but the process varies depending on the model. Virtually all smartwatch models feature airplane mode in their settings, which you can toggle on and off. Some models also use the buttons located on the smartwatch’s sides to activate and deactivate airplane mode and other features. 

Is There a Smartwatch I Can Use to Track Sleep While On Airplane Mode? 

Airplane mode doesn’t affect the sleep-tracking technology in most smartwatch modes. As such, there are many smartwatches that you can use to track sleep while in airplane mode. The best and most popular smartwatch brands for sleep tracking include the following: 

  • Apple 
  • Samsung 
  • Garmin 
  • Huawei 
  • Google Pixel Watch 

Older smartwatch models use sleep-tracking technology based on an accelerometer. The accelerometer tracks and interprets your movements, such as rolling over or staying still for prolonged periods. 

Newer smartwatch models use more sophisticated technology, but it doesn’t require an active internet connection to work, either. They track not only your body’s posture and movements but also certain biometrics associated with sleeping patterns, such as your heartbeat rate and breathing. 

Airplane mode doesn’t affect sleep tracking, but it can affect the smartwatch’s data analysis functions. To this end, taking several precautions when sleeping with your smartwatch in airplane mode is important. First, it is advisable to start your sleep-tracking sessions before activating airplane mode. Second, you should deactivate airplane mode before ending your sleeping sessions. 

Deactivating your smartwatch’s airplane mode before ending your sleeping session is especially important. It allows the smartwatch to connect to the internet and analyze the collected data. However, some smartwatch models can still analyze the data even if you end the sleeping session before deactivating airplane mode. 

Newer smartwatch models are more accurate and generate broader data than older models that solely rely on an accelerometer. To this end, they can track and analyze the following sleeping metrics: 

  • Duration – The time spent sleeping. 
  • Quality – The quality of your sleep is based on restlessness. 
  • Sleep Stage – The time spent in each of the three stages of sleeping (light, deep, and REM). 

Smartwatch models that can measure sleeping quality can also detect sleeping problems, such as apnea. Additionally, most smartwatches also offer various other sleep-tracking features, including alarms and sleeping tips personalized according to your data. 

Does Fitbit Have a No-Wireless/Airplane Mode? 

Interestingly, Fitbit doesn’t feature airplane mode on any of its smartwatches and health trackers. Interestingly, not even the latest Fitbit devices feature airplane mode, despite most other smartwatches offering this feature. However, you can still restrict your Fitbit’s wireless connections by switching off Bluetooth connectivity, disconnecting it from your phone, or powering it down. 

Wrapping Up 

Airplane doesn’t hinder sleep tracking in most smartwatch models. Smartwatch sleep-tracking technology doesn’t rely on internet connectivity. However, you must disable your smartwatch’s airplane mode to analyze your sleeping data. 

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Can I Use Sleep Tracking on Airplane Mode?

Yes, you can use sleep tracking on Airplane Mode. Many sleep-tracking apps and devices don’t require an active internet connection or mobile data to function.

Will Sleep Tracking Accuracy Be Affected by Airplane Mode?

In most cases, sleep tracking accuracy won’t be affected by Airplane Mode. It mainly relies on sensors and data collected by your device, which can function without internet connectivity.

Do I Need to Enable Airplane Mode for Sleep Tracking?

It’s not mandatory to enable Airplane Mode for sleep tracking, but it can be a good thing on your side. Airplane Mode minimizes electromagnetic interference and conserves battery life, enhancing the tracking experience.

Can I Sync Sleep Data After Turning Off Airplane Mode?

Yes, you can sync sleep data once you turn off Airplane Mode and regain internet connectivity. Sleep data collected during Airplane Mode will be stored locally and can be synced when you’re online again.

Does Sleep Tracking Consume Battery During Airplane Mode?

Sleep-tracking apps typically consume very little battery power, even in Airplane Mode. Enabling Airplane Mode while sleep tracking can actually extend your device’s battery life during the tracking period.

Can I Review Sleep Insights While in Airplane Mode?

Yes, you can review sleep insights captured by your device during Airplane Mode. The data will be available for analysis once you reconnect to the internet.

Are There Any Exceptions Where Airplane Mode Isn’t Advisable?

In certain cases, some sleep-tracking apps or devices might require minimal internet connectivity for certain features. Check with the app or device manufacturer for clarification.

What Are the Benefits of Using Airplane Mode for Sleep Tracking?

Using Airplane Mode can lead to fewer distractions, reduced radiation exposure, and prolonged battery life, creating an optimized sleep-tracking environment.