DoSmarter Fitness Tracker Review and Top Features

DoSmarter Fitness Tracker

In case the term DoSmarter is foreign to you, pull a seat and sit down because this article is for you. In this piece, we will cover the unit’s specs and explain to you why the wearable is a must-have. Read on as we cover the DoSmarter fitness tracker and its top features.

What is DoSmarter?

DoSmarter smartwatch is a fitness tracker smartwatch made by, you guessed it, DoSmarter. The unit comes with a user-oriented design to offer a great user experience. DoSmarter users say this fitness tracker helps to keep motivated and ready to make changes.

More About This Unit

This fitness unit doubles as a health watch and is a must-have for men and women, especially those with blood pressure issues. The unit’s primary focus is to monitor heart rate and blood pressure using the latest optical sensors. The wearable continuously tracks your blood pressure when exercising, and when you are away from workouts.

Apart from keeping tabs on your blood pressure, the DoSmarter smartwatch automatically detects and analyzes the quality of your sleep. The unit will give you a detailed report on your awakening time as well as the type of sleep you experience (whether it was a deep or light sleep).


  • The DoSmarter Fitness Tracker is a waterproof unit that can be worn when swimming, showering, or even when it’s raining. The unit is made in a way that it can easily handle various life situations.
  • The unit has a thin, lightweight design that makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  • The unit’s display is fantastic since the color screen brings excellent visibility in full daylight and at night.
  • The user interface is decent and easy to use. The unit has a button that when pressed will display the sports mode, your calorie consumption, steps taken, your blood pressure, the distance you have traveled, sleeping hours, heart rate, and the power off option.
  • The fitness tracker allows you to set or choose your gender. It has a period reminder that keeps you informed on the menstrual cycle, pregnancy preparation, pregnancy, and postpartum. Isn’t this interesting?
  • DoSmarter’s connectivity is wide and admirable. This unit is compatible with both android and iOS smartphones, and this connectivity feature enables you to comfortably access calls and text reminders. The unit alerts you and displays notifications of calls and texts from your mobile phones.
  • The advanced features of this unit remind you to wake up and train. It also tells you to do your shopping, read, walk or even feed of the dog.
  • This unit has six customized clock face that you can choose from. Additionally, it has a silent alarm with a quite vibration that quickly wakes you up.


This unit offers convenient charging and long standby time. When fully charged, the fitness tracker lasts for 7-10 days on normal use and up to a month on standby time. The unit charges fully within 2 hours from its built-in USB plug. This easy charging feature means that there is no need for a cable or dock.


  • It can measure your steps, distance reached, calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality, and blood pressure.
  • List EIt monitors your sleep pattern and can be set to wake you up without disturbing otherslement
  • The unit is waterproof and can stand moisture from sweating, raining, and accidental splashes
  • It can be connected to a GPS so you can map your route or path when running
  • The tracker continuously monitors your blood pressure and heart rate even while working out
  • It has a sedentary alert notification. The unit alerts you and displays notifications for calls and texts


  • Although the unit is waterproof, it is not suitable for soaking, swimming, or diving

Common FAQs on the DoSmarter Fitness Tracker

What is a DoSmarter Fitness Tracker App?

The DoSmarter Fitness Tracker app is H-band software that allows you to track your blood pressure. The App can do this manually or automatically.

So how do you use this App? You will first fill-in personal information. Under this step, you will include your gender, weight, height, and age. You will then turn on “automatic blood pressure” in the App.

To do this, go to the App’s settings and click on K1.After pressing the K1 select switch setting and settle on the automatic blood pressure. Once you have done this, you will observe as the Fitness tracker automatically tests your blood pressure every 10 minutes.

After syncing, the results captured by the App will be presented at the blood pressure interface. At this point, it is necessary to set your personal-tailored BP mode. This will enable you to obtain more accurate data easily.

How do you change the BP mode? Go back to the dashboard and scroll down to get synchronizing. You are now ready to go! You can be assured of accurate results once you follow the highlighted steps to the letter.

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Is DoSmarter an Effective Fitness tracker?

Yes, it is. How so? The DoSmarter fitness tracker is rich in features that conveniently make your life easier. The gender specification option, period tracker, and the sedentary alert are remarkable features that set the unit above its competing brands.

Similar to most Fitness trackers, you will be competing against yourself when using this unit. Therefore, you will be motivated and will strive to be a better version of yourself. This will, in turn, help you achieve your fitness goals.

Is it Safe to Wear DoSmarter Fitness Tracker?

This question is mostly related to: Is wearing this unit dangerous to my health, or is it safe to wear them every day even when sleeping? Well, our product tests that are confirmed by third-parties and regulatory authorities reveal that this unit produces extremely low radiation.

For this reason, we can say that it is safe to use every day and even while sleeping. The technology behind the fitness tracker is safe, and no evidence or study shows that the wearable fitness-tracking device is unsafe.

Where Do I Buy This Fitness Tracker?

The answer to this commonly asked question is easy and concise. This fitness tracker is available on Amazon and in a majority of supermarkets and sports outlets.

We hope this article will ease your Fitness tracker shopping process. Feel free to share it with your peers and workout mates. Enjoy!

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