Excel Fitness Tracker Template—10 Sample Spreadsheets

excel fitness tracker

Most people at the beginning will go into a gym and walk out awkwardly after standing long hours doing nothing and ending up confused. However, this can be avoided in several ways. Using the Fitness Plan Excel Templates can lead you out of this boredom. It’s an easy and effective means of planning daily workouts and guide you to achieve your fitness goals. Let’s learn more about this excel workout templates.

How Do I Create a Workout Template in Excel?

Templates emerge as the best way of creating a set of exercises and keep using it until you achieve your set fitness goals. To come up with an Excel workout template, below are a clear guide to follow;

  • At the Excel main menu, click on a workout template option
  • Follow up by tapping the “add new template” option and provide a unique name to the newly created template
  • You are done, tap on the newly created template; this is where you will add any exercise of choice
  • Different exercises are in the search box, peruse through them, and select the one you need to add. Likewise, you can add tap to create a new exercise option to add a customized option.
  • Your progress will be auto-saved once you tap on the back arrow.

How Do You Use Excel for Fitness?

Now, after everything is complete, you should learn how the excel workout template gets used. Below is a guide to lead you all through the necessary process.

  • Start by opening the template in excel, here you will find all information pre-entered to guide you all through.
  • Fill in your information and the exact date you will like to commence the workout routine. Note that the current BMI is determined automatically using your weight and height measures.
  • Next is examining the template’s orange headlined boxes. These are strength training, cardio, warm-up, and cool-down activities. In case you focus on different fitness categories, it’s recommended you change the names. There are multiple lines at each category to help enter the number of daily reps and the frequency of workout.

How Do You Create a Weight Loss Spreadsheet?

For this, you need to engage in immense accumulation of different calendar formats at large. Deal much with your present exercise plans compelling and, most importantly, make use of the activity plan formats.

Go for a free exercise datebook layout; this is where you’ll start keeping up your exercise plans as indicated by the number of hours, days, and the weekly premise plan. Use an exercise routine organizer to come up with a well-planned regimen.

Free Personal Training Excel Templates

Using a perfect Excel template saves you time at large. Whether you are in a fixed schedule, your projects will smoothly run if you plan everything right. Finding a proper personal training excel template, for this reason, saves the situation. Among the free options you should try out, in this case, are the weight loss tracker template and the couple weight loss tracker. There are several options you can try out; these are some of the free options that are time-consuming on their own.

1. Workout Templates for Personal Trainers

On the other hand, personal trainers need to use proven options since they have a competitive advantage. For this reason, personal trainers need templates with the following features;

  • Templates that have been used extensively before
  • Templates adaptable to the trainer’s logo, feel, and general look
  • Those that have been built right from practice
  • Lastly, templates that come with a clear guide of use

2. Fitness Progress Report Template

Keeping a record of how much has been done is essential to people who have a goal to achieve. For this reason, using the fitness progress report template can be meaningful at large. The template contains a date column for recording daily progress.

3. Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Tracking

The Excel tracking template will track your weight, provide a target that should be arrived at, and add comments on what has been done. Your body mass index is calculated from the starting date all through as days go by. This will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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