Complete Fitbit Blaze Review

The Key Features

  • Fitbit and Fitstar Application
  • Flexible and Comfortable Wrist Band
  • Vast Tracking Capability
  • Accurate Heart Rate
  • Simple and Readable Face

1. Fitstar

You will find this useful feature on Fitbit’s menu. What Fitstar App does is guide you on workouts. The only thing expected of you is the simple step-by-step workouts being played on Fitstar.

Blaze features 10 min ABS and 7 min workouts. But before indulging in any of the exercises try simple warm-ups to get your muscles ready for a workout.

For now, there are only 3 workouts but Fitbit aims at increasing the number. In addition, the workouts are so simple and easy to follow.

2. Comfort

The Fitbit Blaze comes with a comfortable band made of elastomer. The band is durable and flexible. Its weight is unnoticeable.

The only problem is that the band is it is not so breathable; a downside Fitbit should work on. After exercising in the gym, you will note sweat buildup underneath the band, which is a result of less or no air circulation. If the sweat is left unattended then an awful smell will build up.

3. Durability

Most of its users claim that is so durable provided it is taken good care of. The elastomer used on the band is elastic and it can stretch to almost any extent within your wrist. Fitbit Blaze features a shiny steel plate that eliminates the bulkiness feel.

4. Ease of Use

Unlike the Fitbit Ionic (a smartwatch we talked about earlier), the Fitbit Blaze does not require much technological knowledge thus easy to operate.

Users can easily tour the watch with swipes and taps. On the other hand, the Fitbit App is easy to operate and provides alerts whenever there are notifications arise. It takes the Blaze approximately 8 minutes to fully sync. Syncing is so quick thus saving you much time. Every time sync is done new collected data is saved.

5. The Connection

The smartwatch uses Bluetooth to connect to either Fitbit App or Fitstar. The watch can connect to devices that are 30ft away.

What you will like about Fit Blaze

  • Countless Basic and advance Features
  • Fitbit Blaze tracks a lot of activities for example sleep and workout among others
  • Band options
  • Users can easily connect to other devices via Bluetooth; a connection made super-fast.
  • The tracker can store data for a whole week. You do not have to worry about losing your data before syncing with Fitbit App.
  • Fitbit Blaze is also made for fashion freaks. The styling is the first thing that will attract your attention. In short, it will turn a few heads on the street.
  • No more heading to the store to buy fitness videos because the smartwatch comes in with Fitstar Fitness app which has workout videos.
  • The smartwatch does support music files so if you are a musicoholic this device is designed for you.

What you will not like about Fit Blaze

  • The strap does not perfectly fit all wrists. These straps come in two different sizes. The first size is made average to fit all adults. And the other size is made to averagely fit young kids.
  • Sometimes the watch may give false HR (Heart Results) because of excessive workout.
  •  It doesn’t support swimmers and people who love taking a bath with their fitness trackers on in short, the watch is not waterproof.


  • The right bottom button is there to allow the users to access notifications. Notifications can also be accessed by swiping up the screen right from the clock.
  • For controls swipe down the screen from the clock. The other alternative is holding the top right button.

The Screen Display

Fitbit Blaze features a slightly wider colored touch screen that measures 1.25 inches, which records a resolution of 240 x 180.

Compared to Fitbit Ionic, you can do much more on this fitness tracker. There are four home screen options you can choose from to customize the look of your Fitbit devices.

Battery Life

One of the areas where Fitbit Blaze excels is in battery life (other fitness trackers struggle to go for more than 2 days even after a full charge). The watch can serve you for more than 5 days after a full charge, which is so right.

A USB cable is used to recharge the device when out of charge. It can either be plugged into the wall charger or into a USB port on PCs.  In addition, whenever the tracker is low of charge a notification will be sent to your email.

How to Charge Fitbit Blaze

Whenever it is time to recharge the watch, have it out of the band. To do this you will have to gently push the device off the wristband. Once that is done connect the device to a power supply to start charging.

To know that the device is charging, a battery sign will show on the screen (the same battery sign your phone shows as it charges when off).

It only takes 2 hours for the tracker to fully charge so make sure you are around to plug it out from the power point. Leaving the device charging after it is 100% full gradually damages the battery.

1. The Design

It features a 1.64in colored screen. It feels slightly thick but still comfortable. Fitbit Blaze’s screen display is sharp and so clear thus no straining.

2. The Competition

There is stiffer competition evolving around fitness trackers. Aside from being a Fitbit product, Fitbit Blaze has faced great competition from other wearables like Fitbit Charge 2, Apple Watch series 3, 4 and 5 among others.

Still within Fitbit products, the watch faces competition from Surge, which is cheaper and has an in-built GPS for location tracking giving it many advantages over Blaze.

3. The Bands/Straps

Although not so breathable, the wristband still feels so comfortable. You can comfortably lie on your bed till morning with this watch without having your skin pressed so hard.

The straps are removable and thus can be switched. Be ready to spend more because extra straps do not come with Fitbit Blaze.

4. The Clock Faces

The device has a number of clock faces you can choose from. Head to settings and find the face that works perfectly for you. The face you choose doesn’t immediately show; only shows after syncing.

Care Tips

  • Clean your wrist and band frequently. Make use of cleansers that are soap free.
  • Whenever the tracker is wet due to water spills, sweat or raindrops, have it off for complete drying.
  • It is also good to take off the band from time to time this gives the pores around the wrist region room to freely breathe the fresh air.

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The Three HR Hearts Explained!

You must have noted that there are four heart symbols that appear on the tracker’s screen. So, here is what the tracker tells you;

Heart 1: When the heart on your screen is red, with two dots underneath it, that means you are in peak zone.

Heart 2: When the heart is red with one dot underneath and another on its top that means you are in cardio zone.

Heart 3: When the heart symbol is red and two dots are on its top then that means that you are in a fat burnt zone.

Heart 4: When the heart is just a sketch with no dots then that means you are out of the zone.

To add, HR zones can be adjusted from settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fitbit Blaze Waterproof?

If you are looking for a Fitness tracker that is waterproof then Fitbit Blaze is not the perfect choice. It can only withstand a few splashes and raindrops.

Immersing it inside the pool while swimming or taking a bath while around your wrist will kill it. So, whether you want to swim or take a shower take the watch off first.

Who is Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker for?

People who have fitness as part of their lives are perfectly fit for this watch. That is because Fitbit Blaze has multi-sport tracking capability giving you a clear insight into general health.

Why Should You Buy Fitbit Blaze?

The device’s appearance is so appealing to the eye. If compared to jewelry, it is cheap and that is why you should consider having it. Jewelry can’t keep track of your health, but Blaze can.

How are You Supposed to Swear Fitbit Blaze?

The tracker should always lay flat on the upper part of your wrist. This ensures correct readings as you work out. Whichever hand you use be it left or right, Fitbit Blaze will accurately record your fitness stats.

Can You Make or Receive Calls from Fitbit Blaze?

That’s right; Fitbit Blaze lets you respond to incoming calls. Like on the phone tap on the green telephone sign to pick up calls or tap the red to decline calls. So even as you exercise you stay connected with family members and friends.