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If you ask me to count all the times I’ve made fitness resolutions and ditched them before hitting my targets, we’d spend several hours tallying the numbers. I can’t lie to you- I’ve quit countless times, and am not the only one. According to statistics, 73% of people who set fitness resolutions quit prematurely.

After discovering the shocking number of individuals who give up before reaching their fitness goals, I asked myself one crucial question: what about the other 27%? If the quoted statistics are anything to go by, then, a smaller yet significant percentage of people who set fitness resolutions keep at it until they see results. So, what’s their secret?

The answer is unbelievably simple. These successful people use anything they can to further their fitness journeys, including Excel templates. Excel offers plenty of templates tailored for avid fitness enthusiasts. With these templates, you can develop fitness goals, monitor your progress, track your dietary intake, and much more. Is your interest piqued?

Here’s a quick review of what we are going to cover:

Fitness Tracking Excel Download Link
Fitness Tracker Excel Template Download
Fitness Vision Download
Fitness Plan Excel Template Download
Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List Excel Template Download
Daily Checklist Challenge Excel Template Download
Free Workout Chart Excel Template Download
Blood Sugar Tracker Excel Template Download
Drink Log Spreadsheet Excel Template Download
Daily Log of Calories and Fat Percentage Download
Simple Meal Planner Excel Template Download

Is Excel Good for Workout Tracking?

Yes. If you’re looking to improve your health and well-being, you can benefit from using Excel templates to track your progress. With these customizable and portable spreadsheets, you can log all aspects of your fitness regimen in one place and analyze the data to optimize your results. 

Expert Views on Fitness Trackers

According to Fitness First’s Head of Digital, Mark Cumberbatch, “Fitness trackers are great because they allow you to set specific goals and then monitor your progress towards achieving them…….. Essentially, they’re like a loyal companion on your fitness journey, allowing you to conquer and push beyond your limits.”

Seth Martin, M.D., M.H.S, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins further notes that ““Fitness trackers are a great tool for heart health. Being more active and changing your habits is important, but it can be difficult. Tracking likely helps a lot of people when combined with a clear goal to shoot for.”

So, What Can I Track With a Fitness Excel Template?

These templates allow you to track a variety of health and fitness metrics like:

  • Weight goals
  • Body measurements
  • Cardio exercise (running, cycling etc)
  • Strength training workouts
  • Daily steps
  • Calorie intake
  • Macros and Nutrition
  • Sleep patterns
  • Hydration
  • Weekly/monthly fitness summaries

Top 10 Excel Templates to Keep Track of Your Fitness

Top 10 Excel Templates to Keep Track of Your Fitness

1. Fitness Tracker Excel Template

As the name suggests, Fitness Tracker is a simple template that lets you monitor different facets of your fitness journey. I love this template because it has separate tabs for each routine. That means you get one for cardio, another for strength training, etc. This feature helps you keep clear, organized records and easily see where you’re excelling or slacking off.

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2. Fitness Vision

Most rehabilitation centers take pictures of addicts before and after seeking treatment and use them to encourage their clients to keep fighting the good fight. And this practice has borne commendable results. Fitness enthusiasts, too, can use a similar concept to keep themselves motivated, courtesy of Fitness Vision. With this template, you can constantly compare where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future and use the info to keep grinding.

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3. Fitness Plan Excel Template

The Fitness Plan template is for any driven fitness enthusiast who wants to stay on top of their lifestyle. What I find fascinating about this template is, first, it allows you to record and keep an eye on your exercise activity and body. Additionally, you can use it to track what you’re eating by logging the foods you consume. By doing so, you become better positioned to avoid the impacts of eating the wrong food, which is an issue that plagues approximately 2 billion people.

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4. Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List Excel Template

One of the biggest dilemmas I wrangle several times a day is what my next meal should be. Does the same apply to you? If yes, get the Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List template for Excel. It will help you plan your meals every 7 days, with all the ingredients and prep time for every meal included. With the template, you’ll also be able to create a weekly grocery list well in advance.

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5. Daily Checklist Challenge Excel Template

Exercising and tracking progress with another fitness enthusiast is one of the best ways to stay motivated. What’s more, together with your partner(s), you can record your fitness stats and use the chart that the template populates to check how well each individual performs in different categories, from exercise to nutrition. At the end of the day, this template makes it easier to identify who’s winning or lagging.

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6. Free Workout Chart Excel Template

As the name implies, the Free Workout Chart is a template you can use without spending a dime. But it’s primarily tailored for weight lifters. If you love to pump iron or play around with free weights, you can use this template to plan every aspect of your workout program, including warm-up, cool down, core body, lower body, and upper body exercises.

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7. Blood Sugar Tracker Excel Template

Did you know that your body uses the sugar available in the blood to rebuild its reservoirs after depleting them during an exercise? Intense workouts can lower your blood sugar levels for up to 24 hours. Surprisingly, strenuous exercises can also make it harder for your muscles to use insulin, leading to blood sugar spikes.  Keeping an eye on such fluctuations is crucial in monitoring how your body reacts to a workout and making the necessary adjustments. For that purpose, you need the Blood Sugar Tracker, a printable template that lets you log and track glucose levels over time.

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8. Drink Log Spreadsheet Excel Template

Are you one of the 2 billion people who consume alcoholic drinks? If yes, you should know that excess alcohol can affect your performance as a fitness enthusiast and cause myriad health issues. That said, are you consuming too much alcohol? If you are unsure, download the Drink Log Spreadsheet now. Then, beginning today, start recording your daily drinks. If, after some time, the numbers suggest you are imbibing too much, start cutting back and monitor your progress.

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9. Daily Log of Calories and Fat Percentage

Unhealthy snacks can undermine your fitness journey. That is why you need the Daily Log of Calories and Fat Percentage template. It allows you to record your daily food intake and then uses the details you include, like fat grams and calories, to calculate how much fat you’re shoving down your throat. With the resulting information, you can determine if your diet agrees with USDA guidelines, which require people to limit their fat intake to 30% of calories or less.

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10. Simple Meal Planner Excel Template

The Simple Meal Planner is just what it sounds like- a simple template for planning your meals. I love it because, despite being extremely simple, it allows the user to log what they’d like to serve each day of the week and check if there’s anything they need to get, like extra groceries. This is the best template for any fitness fanatic who wants to cut back on takeout, prepare more healthy meals at home, and avoid food wastage.

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How to Use Excel Templates for Fitness Tracking

Different Excel templates can help your fitness journey in diverse ways. For instance, some can help you track weight loss, while others are for monitoring health stats like blood sugar levels. Many templates can also help you plan every workout session from start to finish. My point is that there are different ways to use different Excel templates. So, the exact way to use a template depends on the template in question.

If you find one, here’s a quick way to use it:

  1. Download the template file and save it on your computer 
  2. Open it in Excel and familiarize yourself with the tabs and sections
  3. Enter your personal details and fitness goals 
  4. Log your daily fitness data and nutrition
  5. Let the formulas tabulate totals and graphs automatically
  6. Review your progress and make diet/fitness adjustments

How Do I Create My Own Template in Excel?

Templates emerge as the best way of creating a set of exercises and keep using them until you achieve your set fitness goals. To come up with an Excel workout template, below are a clear guide to follow;

  • At the Excel main menu, click on a workout template option
  • Follow up by tapping the “add new template” option and provide a unique name to the newly created template
  • You are done, tap on the newly created template; this is where you will add any exercise of choice
  • Different exercises are in the search box, peruse through them, and select the one you need to add. Likewise, you can add a tap to create a new exercise option to add a customized option.
  • Your progress will be auto-saved once you tap on the back arrow.

Benefits of Tracking Your Fitness in Excel Templates

Fitness success is largely dependent on consistently logging and analyzing your workout and nutrition data. Excel provides an excellent platform to track all your health metrics in a customized, convenient spreadsheet. Here are some major benefits of using Excel templates to monitor your fitness journey:

1. Customization

The great thing about Excel is you can fully tailor it to your needs. Easily add or remove tabs, columns, and cells to perfectly fit the specific data points you want to capture. For example, create tabs for weight, nutrition, cardio, weight training, etc. Choose metrics most relevant to you.

2. Formulas and Charts  

Excel allows you to do more than just log raw data. Use formulas to automatically calculate totals, averages, percentages, and more. Visualize your data in graphs and charts for at-a-glance insights into progress and trends. Spot spikes, plateaus, or consistency over time.

3. Convenience

No need for paper logs or notes. Just open the template file on your computer to conveniently log each day’s stats. Tap into your historic data anytime. All your info is digitally organized in one place for quick access and review. Way easier than books or spreadsheets.

4. Data Analysis 

The customizable formulas and charts really aid in analyzing your performance over time. See correlations between nutrition, activity, and weight loss. Identify which workouts yield the best results. Excel allows deep data insights to optimize your approach.

5. Portability

Excel files are accessible across all your devices, whether desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Your data is available wherever you go to update logs. Templates sync seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

6. Organization

Stay on top of your fitness with all data logically structured in Excel. No more rummaging through notes and apps. Excel templates centralize weight, cardio, nutrition, etc. in a single organized system. Orderly tracking yields better results.

Start experiencing the advantages Excel provides for convenient, organized, holistic fitness tracking. Download a template today to maximize and accelerate your health and wellness goals.

Key Takeaways

My list of the best fitness tracker templates for Excel has concluded. Have you found something that suits your needs and preferences? If yes, I’m happy for you. I sincerely hope it’ll benefit your fitness journey. But if you are yet to find a fitting template, don’t fret; good things take time. Sit back and go through the list again. You’ll find one or more templates guaranteed to help your course. Good luck!

Common Questions

What are fitness tracker Excel templates?

Fitness tracker Excel templates are downloadable spreadsheets that allow you to track your fitness goals, exercises, nutrition, and more. They come pre-formatted with tabs, tables, and formulas for easy fitness logging and data analysis.

Can I track my data from my fitness watch or tracker?

Yes, most fitness trackers and smartwatches sync data to their mobile apps which can then be exported and input into the Excel templates. This allows you to consolidate all your data.

What are these Excel templates compatible with?

The templates are designed for Microsoft Excel for Windows and Mac. Versions 2007 and newer are recommended. They also work with Google Sheets.