Best Fitness Trackers for Kickboxing

It’s round 4 and you’re dripping sweat. Heart racing, lungs burning, arms feeling like jelly. Just 30 more seconds of giving this bag everything you’ve got! You finish the round and quickly glance at your wearable. 185 bpm! A new personal best heart rate for your intervals. 

Tracking your kickboxing workouts with wearable tech is a good thing. The global smartwatch market is projected to top $120 billion by 2027. And fitness kickboxing participation jumped over 30% since 2020, with over 6 million participants in the US alone.

But with so many options for wristbands, watches, and chest straps, how do you know which is best for combat training? 

This guide shares the top-rated trackers for taking your kickboxing to the next level. 

Top Kickboxing Fitness Trackers in 2023

It’s a lot to balance when crunching knees and throwing punches. You want accuracy without excess. Tracking that enhances training rather than distracts. 

The good news? New fitness trackers are being designed specifically with combat athletes in mind. Ones that capture punch volume and exertion, motivate you round after round, and track recovery without all the bells and whistles.

Look at my options below to understand what I mean.

1.  WHOOP 4.0


2.Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3

3. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitbit Charge 4
4. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Wrap  Polar H10 Heart Rate Chest Strap
5. Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Chest Strap

Myzone MZ-3 Activity Chest Strap

1. WHOOP 4.0



Kickboxing is an intense full-body workout that pushes your heart rate and endurance to the max. To make the most of your training, you need more than just step counting – you need serious performance tracking. That’s where the Whoop 4.0 shines.

This wearable goes far beyond standard fitness bands, providing critical recovery and strain data that’s perfect for optimizing high-intensity interval training. The Whoop monitors your heart rate variability to indicate when your nervous system is taxed and needs rest. You’ll know exactly when to push harder, and when to dial it back to avoid overtraining. 

Unlike most trackers, the Whoop 4.0 offers a membership model with insights you won’t find elsewhere. Access to in-depth sleep analysis and a Recovery Score each morning let you adjust training based on your body’s needs. If your score is low, you’ll know to take a rest day. The Whoop also tracks your cardiovascular strain during each workout to gauge intensity.

For kickboxers and HIIT athletes, the Whoop 4.0 provides the advanced performance metrics you need to maximize training while preventing injury and burnout. The actionable insights are unparalleled. If you’re serious about improving, this wearable is a must-have.

Pros – What I Liked

  • Daily recovery scores to optimize training
  • Detailed sleep tracking and analysis 
  • Strain tracking to measure workout intensity
  • Heart rate variability for nervous system load
  • Workout recommendations based on your data

Cons – What I Didn’t Like 

  • Must pay monthly membership fee
  • Minimal smartwatch features beyond tracking
  • Can become preoccupied with daily scores

2. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3

When the Garmin Vivoactive 3 was launched, it became an instant hit. The watch utilizes the latest fitness tracking tech, and this enables it to track activities and body functions more accurately than most of its competitors.

The tech also allows this unit to track even small activity or body changes with high precision and in real-time. This capability remains useful not only to kickboxers but also to all other types of fitness enthusiasts.

But these are not the only reasons why this watch is fashionable. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 reasonably priced, waterproof, and shock-resistant. It also has a sleep and real-time stress tracking capabilities, which puts it up there with the likes of the Apple series 5.

Its battery life and impressive design also caught our eye, and that’s why we recommend it to all athletes. The watch is made up of a combination of plastic, rubber, and metal bottom. All these materials are highly durable and high performing.

The watch’s manufacturers pride themselves in a watch that has a large and well-lit display that helps increase its visibility, especially at night. The unit’s battery can last for 7 days and 13 hours is you keep GPS on. We, however, think that the band might feel small for people with large wrists.

Pros – What I Liked

  • Impressive battery life
  • Always-on heart rate monitoring
  • It is highly resistant and reliable waterproofed and shock-absorbent construction.
  • Helpful alarm feature and calendar for time-saving purposes

Cons – What I Didn’t Like

  • The wristband may feel too small for large people

3. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 is an impressively affordable watch with one of the most extensive ranges of track features. Apart from doubling up as your fitness tracker and a personal coach for most fitness activities, the watch gives you the advantage of enjoying several alerts and alarms. But how does Fitbit track kickboxing? Fitbits track kickboxing by tracking your arms and body movement.

The unit also comes with essential features and accessories such as a chronograph and a digital compass that make outdoor sporting a fantastic experience. We particularly appreciated the watch’s ability to save more battery life. This means that you can use this watch without worrying about running out of battery juice.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is compatible with both iOS and Android. Fitbit Charge 4 also comes with SMS and calls notifications, so you can know when someone’s reaching for you. Additionally, its OLED screen is well-lit, enabling you to use it even at night.

With a GPS tracking feature alongside a heart-rate and sleeping monitor, you will be able to keep fit at a monitored rate away from strain. The watch also has a great battery life of up to 7 days. However, the interface feels basic.

Pros – What I Liked

  • Advanced tracking features to keep you on the right track
  • A well-made power-saving mode that keeps the watch for more time
  • Reliable alerts and alarms that increase convenience exponentially

Cons – What I Didn’t Like

  • The interface feels basic

4. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Wrap 


Want maximum heart rate accuracy during kickboxing’s intense cardio combos? Chest straps trump wrist for HRM, and Polar H10 is the gold standard. Its ECG-accurate monitoring provides the precision you need for interval training. 

The comfortable yet secure fit ensures the Polar H10 won’t shift during even the most aggressive uppercut combinations. It’s fully waterproof with a battery that lasts 400 hours, so no need to ever take it off. You can even connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously like your phone and kickboxing trainer.

Unlike wrist-based trackers, the Polar H10 reads your heart rate from the chest, eliminating erratic cadence and motion-related spikes. The data accurately reflects your full-body exertion and recovery during intervals. This allows you to optimize HIIT training for max benefits. 

While the Polar H10 lacks some smartwatch features, it focuses on doing one thing extremely well – heart rate tracking. For kickboxers who want spot-on HRM for high-intensity training, this comfortable chest strap delivers the goods.

Pros – What I Liked

  • Extremely accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Snug and comfortable chest strap  
  • Waterproof and durable construction
  • Works with many fitness apps and devices 
  • Very long battery life

Cons – What I Didn’t Like 

  • Lacks display screen or interface
  • Only tracks heart rate, not other metrics
  • Chest strap may feel restrictive to some
  • No onboard memory; must connect to device

5. Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Chest Strap

Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Chest Strap


Want to gamify your kickboxing training while getting the most accurate heart rate data possible? The Myzone MZ-3 has you covered. This chest strap tracker turns your HIIT workouts into a social competition.

The Myzone app awards you effort points for time spent in each heart rate zone. Reach weekly targets to fill status bars and unlock new levels. Connect on the app feed to compete with other users and see rankings. 

Like the Polar H10, the Myzone MZ-3 positions heart rate sensors directly against your chest. This ensures precision monitoring even when punching bags and doing drills. No potential for wrist-tracker errors.

Myzone’s point system provides unique motivation to take your kickboxing to the next level. The gamification gives you accountability while the streaming heart rate data dial in your training. If competition drives you, Myzone can help maximize your potential.

Pros – What I Liked

  • Highly accurate heart rate tracking
  • Makes workouts social and competitive
  • Awards points and unlocks status for milestones
  • Connect and compete with other Myzone users
  • Excellent for HIIT and interval training

Cons – What I Didn’t Like 

  • Monthly membership required after first year
  • Only available metrics are heart rate related
  • App connectivity issues reported by some users
  • Chest strap won’t appeal to everyone
  • Data insights less robust than Whoop

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Fitness Tracker for Combat Athletes

Kickboxing provides a thrilling full-body workout that combines combat drills, bag work and high intensity intervals. It builds serious cardio endurance while toning your core and limbs. 

But to maximize gains, it helps to track your exertion using a fitness tracker. This gadget designed for you as a combat athlete to take your training to the next level. 

Here are the key features to look for and three top-rated options for kickboxers.

Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

Having precision heart rate data is crucial for monitoring effort and recovery during high intensity intervals. Look for ECG-level accuracy. Chest straps tend to provide better results than wrist monitors during intense boxing combos.

High Intensity Interval Features

The best trackers for HIIT allow you to set different intervals with alerts and easily review your time in each heart rate zone afterwards. These features are a must for optimizing interval kickboxing workouts.

Punch/Combo Tracking

Some devices contain accelerometers and algorithms that attempt to detect different punch types and combinations you throw. This can provide feedback on strike volume and technique. However, accuracy varies greatly between wrist and chest devices.


Expect plenty of sweat, movement and occasional impacts. Your kickboxing tracker should withstand a serious workout. Look for waterproofing, secure fit, damage-resistant casing and long battery life. Recharging mid-session interrupts flow.

Training Recommendations 

Top wearables analyze your workout data and recommend recovery times, appropriate training loads, and suggested workouts based on your overarching goals. This allows adapting your training intelligently over time.

Smartwatch vs. Fitness Band for Combat Sports

It’s an age-old debate – smartwatch or fitness band? Which wearable is better for combat athletes?

When it comes to MMA training, precision beats bells and whistles. Streamlining features allows focusing on what matters most – dialing in your effort.

So which provides the winning combination of tracking and convenience? Check out the table below:

Criteria Smartwatch Fitness Band
Heart Rate Monitoring Yes Yes
Activity Tracking Yes Yes
GPS Tracking Yes No
Water Resistance Yes Yes
Durability Varies Usually durable
Smart Notifications Yes Basic
Battery Life Varies (usually 1-2 days) Longer (typically 5-7 days)
Price Range Varies Usually more affordable
Additional Features App Integration, Music Control, etc. Focus on Fitness Features

Bottom Line

For serious kickboxers, a fitness tracker provides valuable performance metrics and insights you can’t access otherwise. Tracking heart rate patterns, strain, and your body’s recovery needs enables training smarter. Advanced data enhances technique, prevents injury and burnout, and helps you push your limits safely.

Pay attention to heart rate accuracy, high intensity training features, durability and workout recommendations based on your data trends when choosing a kickboxing tracker. With the right wearable, you’ll take your striking skills and fitness to the next level.