Fitness Trackers for Schools and Students ⁠— Top 10 Options

Fitness Trackers for Schools and Students

Are you in the market for fitness trackers for schools but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place. In this piece, we’ll share with you a list of the top 10 fitness trackers for schools.

We hope the insight you gain from this piece will help you pick fitness trackers that fit your unique needs. We will also enlighten you on fitness trackers that work with IHT software and Gopher Sport. Read on!

Fitness Trackers for Schools

Here’s a list of reliable fitness trackers that schools can use to track students.

1. Adidas Micoach Monitor

Adidas Micoach Monitor

This wrist fitness monitor is made specifically for teens and can survive the wear and tear of everyday use. Adidas Micoach Monitor has proven comfort and accuracy when it comes to tracking students’ heart rates and exploring their potential. Unlike other trackers, this unit helps individuals take a self-directed, self-motivated approach to health.

The wearable is made of durable material, and the manufacturers offer a one-year after-sales warranty. Just like the IHT Zone, Adidas Micoach Monitor has an adjustable wrist band that accommodates different wrist sizes.

The unit is not only comfortable but also simple to use. Adidas Rate Monitor offers real-time feedback. It has a powerful battery that can go for days and even weeks without recharging.


  • Durable
  • Tracks a wide range of fitness activities
  • Offers real-time feedback


  • No display

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2. Moko


Moko is a safe, fun, and easy-to-use activity tracker. The unit comes with a software application that can be used by schools to engage their students in the active curriculum. Moko developers packaged the unit in a manner that allows schools to harness the full potential of wearable technology and the data it provides.

The Moko Band is made of lightweight, comfortable, durable, and water-resistant latex material. The material is allergy-free and adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes. The unit is powered by a reliable battery that lasts for 6 months.


  • Impressive battery life
  • The unit offers insightful feedback
  • Light and comfortable to wear


  • Can be inaccurate sometimes

3. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

This Fitbit unit is comfortable and can fit any wrist (small, large, or medium-sized), thanks to its easy-to-adjust straps. The wearable is lightweight and can be worn at all times. Fitbit Charge 4 comes loaded with features that track your child’s physical activities (child’s heart rate, breathing rate, calories burned, and sleep patterns).

The unit features a minimalist, lightweight, and comfortable design. The material used to make it is also high-quality and durable. Additionally, the user interface is straight forward and great to use.

Charge 4 has an in-built GPS, which means, you can get your child’s/student’s accurate fitness records as a parent or teacher. Although the unit lacks a color screen, the figures on its display are legible in the dark or extremely bright conditions. The wearable offer’s a decent battery life of 3-4 days.


  • Can fit all types of wrists comfortably
  • Has in-built GPS
  • Active Minutes tracking


  • A limited number of sport modes
  • Lacks a color screen

4. Nabi Complete

Nabi Complete

The Nabi Complete is designed to be a personal trainer on your teen’s wrist. The unit records your child’s exercise data throughout the day. Unlike most activity trackers, this unit comes with an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that helps detect any abnormal heartbeat rhythm in your child. The unit also has Siri that allows your child to control it with his/her voice.

The Fuhu fronted fitness activity tracker helps kids calculate their daily steps and compare the calorie intake in different meals. This, in turn, motivates children to embrace fit and healthy eating habits.

The unit prides itself on a built-in GPS that can help your child find his/her way home if they lose direction. The different sports modes in the unit make scrolling through the watch easy and fun. Nabi Complete offers is a pretty impressive battery life of 7 days.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fun designs
  • Lots of sports modes
  • Interactive App makes fitness fun


  • The tracker has to be paired with an app for you to use it effectively



Over the years, this activity tracker has gained popularity for its athletic tracking capabilities. The unit’s impressive ability to track over 80 sports mode that makes Suunto a suitable unit for students and teenagers. This unit can measure your child’s heart rate, energy levels, and other activities. Suunto Spartan Ultra HR comes with GPS, which can easily map your child’s walks and runs.

This tracker has a stylish and subtle design. Suunto Spartan Ultra HR is made of fiberglass that is reinforced with polyamide. This design renders the unit waterproof and very durable. The display resolution is fantastic.

Additionally, the unit prides itself in remarkable features, which include heart rate monitor, pace, distance, calorie tracking, and lap functions.

This Suunto unit has a battery that can last up to four days.


  • Lots of Sports modes
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to use


  • The setup process feels clumsy
  • The design could be better
  • It is expensive

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6. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR is made of durable stainless steel material. The unit does an excellent job of tracking heart rate, speed, step jumps, burned calories, and more. The unit uses up-to-date and easy-to-use software.

The activity tracker is waterproof meaning so it can continue working correctly regardless of how much your child sweats or how much water they dump themselves with while playing their favorite game.

Fitbit Alta HR has a simple and sleek design that gives it a unique and beautiful look.

The unit fits easily and comfortably on your child’s small wrists. The unit’s straps are interchangeable, and your child can interchange the straps to the color and feel that they are most comfortable with. In addition to tracking exercises, this unit also tracks sleep stages and patterns. This Fitbit unit has an impressive battery life that can last for seven days.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Can track sleep stages
  • Lightweight, comfortable design


  • The screen can be unresponsive and slow at times
  • Screen not legible in bright conditions

7. Garmin Forerunner 25

Garmin Forerunner 25

Garmin Forerunner 25 is one of the best tracking units for teenagers. The GPS-enabled device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. Additionally, Garmin Forerunner 25 has an indicator that keeps the child/teenager aware that they have been inactive for hours.

The user-friendly unit motivates children and teenagers to stay active and healthy. The device stores up battery charge for 7 days. When drained, this device is charged up using a universal USB charger.


  • Lightweight
  • Friendly and practical design
  • High tracking accuracy


  • It’s not correct sometimes
  • The battery drains quickly

8. Xiaomi Mi Band 4


Mi Band 4 has a simple and attractive design. This unit is durable and resistant to wear, tear, and scratches. Notably, the data that this device provides is accurate and easy to understand or use. Aside from counting steps, this unit can also track your child’s workout activities and sleep patterns.

The unit’s construction is soft, light, and comfortable to wear. The material is skin-friendly and water-resistant. The tracker’s interface offers real-time tracking data on a wide array of activities that may be of interest to your child. The unit encourages your child to be more active by showing the steps they have covered in a day and how many more they need to achieve their goal. This keeps them motivated.


  • Good sensors
  • Comfortable and high-quality design


  • Lacks on-board GPS
  • The OS could be better

9. Vívoactive 4s

Vivoactive 4s

Vivoactive 4s is an elegant activity tracker that gives comprehensive data on a wide variety of fitness activities. The unit is compatible with most devices, and this has contributed to its popularity in the market.

Vivoactive 4s is made of lightweight and a sleek rubber band that makes it comfortable to wear all day long. Also, the unit has an impressive display that catches one’s eyes at a glance.

Vivoactive 4 has a backlit display that enables your child to view it under any lighting condition. Vivoactive 4s offers an impressive 7-day battery life


  • Backlit display
  • Lots of fitness features
  • Advanced fitness-tracking sensors
  • Compatible with most devices and third-party apps


  • Tacking feels off sometimes

10. Vtech Kidizoom

Vtech Kidizoom

There’s a lot to love about Vtech Kidizoom. The wearable comes with a responsive touch screen with a nice big and friendly button as an interface. Vtech uses both IHT software and Gopher to tracks up to 10 exercises, monitors sleep, and heart rate. Vtech Kidizoom does everything one would expect from a fitness tracker with a user-friendly and easy to understand interface.

The activity tracker also comes preloaded with activities on nutritious and healthy foods. The application in the activity tracker also explores the child’s logic skills with mini-logic puzzles with the Noodle Booster. Vtech Kidizoom offers a 25-hour battery life


  • Games are interactive and keep kids entertained and active
  • It is a great piece that gives value for your money


  • Not waterproof
  • Vtech’s Kidizoom is more smartwatch than a fitness tracker
  • Short battery life

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Heart Zones Systems?

The Heart Zones System is a combination of fitness technology software and data-driven programs that engage, assess, and motivate physical activity using wearables to empower students to pursue safe and healthy active lifestyles. Through the platform, physical educators can accurately assess and evaluate student’s fitness levels.

Getting your young one to exercise can be a daunting task, but not anymore with these fitness trackers. These time-tested activity trackers work well in both the school and home environment to help kids develop healthy habits. We hope our guide will ease your search for the best fitness trackers for schools and students in the market today.

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