How Can I Monitor My Dog Remotely?

As pet owners, our love for our dogs means staying connected with them even when we are away from home. It’s natural to miss our furry companions and wonder about their well-being and activities in our absence. Fortunately, there are several innovative solutions available to help us monitor and interact with our dogs remotely

Remote dog monitoring solutions offer a range of features that allow us to keep an eye on our dogs, interact with them, and ensure their safety, even from a distance. In this article, we will explore various ways to monitor our dogs remotely, from video surveillance systems and smart cameras to interactive devices and smartphone apps. 

How to Monitor Your Dog Remotely – 5 Cool Solutions

We know you are a devoted pet owner, and always want the best for your furry companions, even when we’re not physically present with them. Whether you’re out working or left for a weekend getaway with your better half, the following options offer a way to stay connected with your beloved pets no matter where you are. 

  • Pet Cameras with Audio

Pet cameras equipped with two-way audio allow you to see and hear your dog in real-time. You can access these cameras through a smartphone app, allowing you to communicate with them while you’re away. Some models even have treat dispensers, allowing you to reward your furry friend with a treat remotely. 

  • Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys with built-in cameras and remote control capabilities are excellent choices for keeping your dog engaged and entertained when you’re not at home. These toys often have treat-dispensing features, and some can be controlled through smartphone apps. You can even initiate playtime and interact with your dog from afar. 

  • GPS Trackers

GPS tracking devices are quite useful for monitoring your dog’s location when they are outside or on the go. You can attach these small, lightweight devices to your dog’s collar to get real-time location updates through a smartphone app. 

  • Home Surveillance Systems 

If you have a comprehensive home surveillance system with cameras installed throughout your property, you can use the cameras to monitor your dog remotely. Many modern home security systems allow you to check in on your dog and receive motion alerts. 

  • Dog Activity Monitors

Dog activity monitors are small devices that you attach to your dog’s collar. They provide insights into your pet’s daily activities, including their exercise levels and rest patterns. You can sync a dog monitor with your smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your dog’s health remotely.

Do Dog Cameras Have Night Vision? 

Correct, many modern dog cameras or pet cameras come with night vision features. Night vision allows the camera to capture clear footage even in completely dark conditions. This feature comes in handy for monitoring your dog’s activities during nighttime or when you’re away from home and the lights are off. 

Night vision in dog cameras relies on infrared (IR) technology. This allows the camera to have a clear view in the dark by illuminating the area with infrared light, which is then captured by the camera to show black and white or grayscale footage. With night vision, you can continue to monitor your dog’s behavior, movements, and well-being even during nighttime hours. This gives you some peace of mind knowing that they are safe and comfortable throughout the night. 

How do Pet Cameras Work? 

Pet cameras, also known as pet cams or pet monitors, work using modern technology and a combination of hardware and software components to allow you to monitor and interact with your pet remotely. 

Here’s how pet cameras typically work:

Pet cameras are equipped with a camera lens and image sensor that capture live video footage of your pet. The quality and resolution of the camera can vary depending on the model, but most pet cameras offer high-definition video for clear visuals. 

These cameras connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or, in some cases, through an Ethernet cable. They transmit the video feed to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you can view it in real time. To access the live video feed from the pet camera, you’ll need to use a dedicated smartphone app or web portal provided by the manufacturer. 

Is there audio, you wonder? Yes. Some cameras offer two-way audio that enables real-time communication between you and your pet. You can talk to your dog through the camera’s built-in speaker and hear their responses through the microphone. This feature helps soothe anxious pets and allows you to command them to stop unwanted behavior. 

To monitor pets at night, some pet cameras usually have infrared (IR) LEDs that provide night vision capabilities. This allows you to capture clear video even in the dark. You’ll also find some with motion detection and alerts. When motion is detected, the camera sends notifications or alerts to your smartphone, notifying you that your pet is active 

Certain pet cameras come with a treat dispensing feature. This gives you the ability to give your pet a treat as a reward or to encourage positive behavior, even when you are far away. 

Do Dog Cameras Help with Separation Anxiety? 

Yes. A dog camera can come in handy to help your pub with separation anxiety.

If your furry friend displays excessive distress and misbehavior when you leave the house, it might be more than just missing you. While a few whimpers are normal, persistent howling, scratching, and destructive behavior could be signs of separation anxiety, a common issue that can cause stress for both dogs and their owners. 

However, it’s important to understand that while a pet camera can be helpful, it may not completely resolve separation anxiety on its own. While it can provide some comfort and alleviate certain symptoms of separation anxiety, Consulting a professional trainer or veterinarian can provide you with valuable guidance to address your pup’s specific needs. 

Can I Use my Phone as a Dog Cam?

Yes, you can use your phone as a dog camera by using pet camera apps on your app store. To use your phone as a dog camera, you’ll need two devices – your current smartphone that will serve as the camera, and another one will act as the viewing monitor. Start by downloading an app from either Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS). Some popular pet camera apps include Alfred, Manything, and Dog Monitor

Install and configure the app on your smartphone and position the camera. You’ll be able to access the camera feed and monitor your pet.

What is the Most Unexpected Thing You Can See Your Dog Do from Your Security Camera?

You might think your furry friend leads a routine life when you’re away, but little do you know they like to do some things when no one’s watching! Here are some unexpected surprises your pulp can do at the full glare of your camera lens!

  • Some dogs are known to have a little dance party when left alone. They may jump around, spin in circles, or do playful zoomies around the room. This shows that they are in a joyous mood. 
  • Dogs have a way of turning cushions and pillows into forts or nests when their owners are away. Your furry friend might rearrange furniture or create a cozy spot for themselves.
  • Dogs often become fascinated with their own reflections in mirrors or other reflective surfaces. Some pet owners have captured their dogs barking at or even trying to play with their reflections. 
  • Some mischievous dogs have been caught playing a game of hide and seek with their toys or treats (sometimes with other pets). They might hide their toys in unexpected places and then search for them, revealing their playful nature. 
  • Dogs can form strong attachments to their stuffed animal toys. Some people have seen their dogs cuddling with or carrying around their stuffed friends, showcasing their tender and affectionate nature. 
  • You can also find some dogs with an artistic side. They just sit there and gaze at artwork or decorations on the walls. Some even tilt their heads as if pondering the meaning behind the artwork. 
  • There are some pups that double as watchful guardians as well, especially when they see something happening outside the window. They might bark at passing birds, squirrels, or even their own reflections in the glass. 

Dog Cameras Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Monitor My Dog While at Work?

There are several innovative ways you can monitor and interact with our dogs while at work. You can choose to check on them through video cameras, engage in playtime with interactive toys, or even track their location with GPS devices. 

Does a Dog Camera Need WiFi?

No. There are options designed with internet connectivity and others that store information into a memory card.

Sure, many security cameras today are designed with Wi-Fi capabilities, but there are also wireless alternatives available that operate independently of the Internet. However, if you go for a camera that doesn’t support Wi-Fi, there are some trade-offs. Since these cameras are not connected to the web, you won’t receive notifications for motion detection, access live footage remotely, or control the camera’s functions from a distance. 

Is there a Camera that Detects Dog Barking? 

Yes, there are cameras available that are specifically designed to detect dog barking. These cameras utilize advanced sound recognition technology to distinguish barking sounds from other noises and can send you notifications when your pup starts barking. Some examples of cameras that offer this feature include Furbo Dog Camera and Petcube Bites 2.