How Do I Connect my MAXPRO Fitness to Bluetooth?

You like the idea of working out, but hate going to the gym. You’re not alone. Many people hate being in a closed room with sweaty strangers, and they are happy to go with a compact home gym system such as the MAXPRO Fitness. But with every smart gadget, you can expect to encounter troubles setting it up fully.

Once you unpack the MAXPRO Home Gym, the first question that might come in your mind is “how can I connect my MAXPRO Fitness to Bluetooth?” It’s quite simple and straight-forwad. If you want to enjoy an entire gym in just a small backpack, follow through and learn how you can set up the system to bluetooth, how it actually works, and of course, some pros and cons you can expect.

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Connecting MAXPRO app With Bluetooth–Step-by-Step

Connecting the MAXPRO app with bluetooth shouldn’t be a problem thanks to this step-by step guide. Follow the following easy-to-understand procedure and you’ll be done in no time.

Step 1: Download MAXPRO Fitness App:

Head on to Google Pay Store or Apple App Store and download the MAXPRO Fitness app. Compare the logo on your package and the one on the download page to ensure you get the right app.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth and Location on Your Device

Go to the settings button of your smartphone or tablet and turn on bluetooth. For those using an iPhone, go to Settings >Privacy > location and then enable it. If you’re on Android, go to Settings>Location, and move the slider to turn the location on.

Step 3: Turn Your MAXPRO on:

Remove the plastic tab located under the unit’s battery to allow charging of the battery. Connect to the power outlet as per the user manual and let it juice up.  Done? Good. Now, long press the power button to display the blue light. You should hear a low beep.The unit will blink continuously until it locates your Bluetooth connection, after which it will turn solid.

Step 4: Connect MAXPro Fitness to Your Device:

Check for a MAXPRO icon on the upper right of the screen and tap it. It’s going to change color to a blue dot, and a pop up will display on the screen prompting you to connect. Now, hit the “Connect” button to reveal MAXPRO devices you can connect. Choose your unit by tapping on the drop menu close to the device name, and press connect.

Start your workouts!

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How to fix MAXPRO Fitness Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

You’ve powered your MAXPRO Fitness, did everything to the book, but your device still can’t connect to Bluetooth. What could be the issue? Well, don’t worry, here’s how you can troubleshoot and fix your workout unit.

  • For starters, ensure compatibility. Check if the MAXPRO Fitness Gym is Bluetooth-enabled. Have you powered it up? Is it showing the blulight? Is it ready for pairing? Not that the light should stop blinking after powering up.
  • Check your smartphone or tablet to ensure bluetooth and location are enabled. If not, refer to Step 2 above to then both on.
  • Ensure the device appears among other bluetooth devices on your MAXPRO app, and it’s connected.

Always refer to the user manual if the process gets too confusing.

Is the MAXPRO app Free?

There’s a free and paid version of MAXPRO Fitness Home Gym. The paid version (premium) version will cost you $19.99 per month, which is quite affordable compared to gym subscriptions. will cost you In order to use MAXPRO SmartConnect, you’ll need to download an app, which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app comes with a range of features in both subscriptions based on your need.

Let’s take a look:

Free vs Premium MAXPRO Fitness

The free version of MAXPRO Fitness offers the following features:

  • Four functions (MXP, Calories, Reps, Time) to help track your workout performance.
  • Sample of 10 workout coached classes
  • Sample of 5 pre-set workouts that are professionally assembled
  • Detailed results of your workout over a period or time with clear trend graphs
  • Access to the company’s tutorial library
  • Access to articles on health, mind and nutrition
  • Access to a live cable calculator

The paid version includes all features in the free version and more. If you opt to go for the premium MAXPRO Fitness, you’ll get:

  • Personalized coaching as per your fitness goals and biometric data collected by the app
  • An upgraded dashboard, which includes Heart Rate zone Optimization and Velocity Based Training
  • Ability to share your results on social media and challenge your friends
  • Access to a lot more coached classes that are added monthly
  • Library of live classed via social media platforms
  • Live raking your MAXPRO score on leaderboards globally
  • Multi-weekly workout schedule as per your fitness goals
  • Ability to build your own workouts with inspiration from 2000+ exercise library
  • Get medals and awards for your progress and milestones achieved
  • Ability to connect your Android Smartwatch and Apple Watch for accurate calorie and heart rate calculations

Pros and Cons of MAXPRO SmartConnect Home Gym

The MAXPRO SmartConnect Home Gym has a lot to offer for any workout enthusiast.

  • For starters, the home gym is compact, weighing a mere 10 pounds and can effortlessly fit into your backpack, allowing you to take your workout anywhere you go. 
  • With an impressive resistance range of five to 300 pounds, this versatile home gym enables you to adjust your workouts to your desired intensity, while its seamless connection to the free MAXPRO app and classes provides a personalized and immersive fitness experience. 
  • The home gym also combines multiple machines into one compact unit, saving space without compromising on performance. You can mount it to a door or wall without any hassled. 
  • Compared to monthly gym subscriptions, this home gym unit is very affordable. Once you purchase it, you can use it’s free version of the app to enjoy some cool features, or subscribe to the $199 monthly for even more added features.

The MAXPRO SmartConnect Home Gym has a lot to offer, but just like any new unit, it also has its shortcomings.

  • The MAXPRO SmartConnect Home Gym boasts comes with a limited one-year warranty, which might not be a great idea as some users would prefer. 
  • Users have pointed out that the resistance for the eccentric portion of lifts could be improved to offer a more comprehensive workout. 

A Glimpse of MAXPRO Workout Routine

Yes, you can put together many workouts with the MAXPRO home gym, but there are some common ones that would do the magic, and are easy to do with the home gym unit. These include

Upper Body Workout:

  • Suspension push-ups
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Overhead shoulder press
  • Bicep curls
  • Triceps pressdown

Lower Body Workout:

  • Core rotations
  • Suitcase squats
  • Weighted reverse lunges
  • Low cable glute kickbacks
  • Romanian deadlifts 

How Much Does MAXPRO Fitness Home Gym Cost? Is it Expensive?

The MAXPRO SmartConnect portable cable machine is available at a base price of $1,099, but you’ll find it at different stores at different prices, sometimes going slightly below $1,000. The package includes the main gym equipment and accessories. You’ll get:

  • One MAXPRO SmartConnect unit
  • Two workout handles
  • A USB charger
  • Two door brackets
  • A door mount kit
  • A Quick Connect long bar
  • Two ankle and wrist straps

You’ll also gain access to the free MAXPRO app, which gets you access to a wide range of workout routines. If you’re looking for more advanced features and a broader selection of routines, there is a premium version of the app available for $19.99 per month.

Key Takeaway

The MAXPRO SmartConnect Home Gym, also known as the MAXPRO Fitness is definitely something worth for fitness enthusiast. Not only is it compact (able to fit a backpack), it also offers you the opportunity to engage in a number of workouts without ever leaving your home. If you have this unit already or planning to purchase one soon for your workout regime, you might find it a bit confusing to connect it to your bluetooth. But with the tips above and all the info we have provided, enjoying the MAXPRO SmartConnect Home Gym will be a breeze.

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