How to Connect Bluetooth Fitness Watch to PC

Bluetooth Fitness Watch to PC

Fitness is among the essential daily activities people need to get themselves into. You need to track your fitness, especially if you’ve set goals you deem to achieve. Fitness tracking will let you know whether you’re making progress in what you’re doing or whether you have to improve your daily workouts. Herein, you will have information on how fitness trackers can be set to operate.

Pairing Your Fitness Tracker

Doing this isn’t a difficult thing once you follow a clear guide for the same. Below is a guide to making the pairing process easier;

  • First, enable Bluetooth on your phone and open the app corresponding with a fitness tracking device. 
  • Get on the discover watch function; this should pop up when starting the setup process and if that doesn’t happen, get it at the app’s settings.
  • Ensure the Bluetooth is enabled on your tracker and keep an eye on the phone.
  • The model name will pop up or appear on the screen once the tracker is detected. This is where you should tap it and choose to pair.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and matching codes will pop up on both devices. Click on them to complete the pairing procedure.

Connecting the Fitbit Device to a Computer

Just like any other process, connecting a fitness gadget to a personal computer isn’t a big deal. Here is the procedure on how this should be approached;

  • For this type of connection, start by visiting the Fitbit website and click on the setup option. 
  • Several options will display, and you need to choose “don’t have a mobile device” option.
  • Follow to download the desktop client for the PC device software you’re using.
  • Once the download is complete, open it and either choose to create an account in case you don’t have one or log in to an existing account.
  • At this point, the Bluetooth Dongle must be plugged into your PC where after you ought to connect your tracker. You’ll right away be ready to set up to Fitbit; follow up by linking the account to your walking spree.

Turning on the Bluetooth in the Smart Bracelet

Like any other process, this follows a simple guide to bring you to the right point. Get through the process by following the guide below;

  • First, ensure a smart bracelet is not in Airplane mode.
  • Confirm the Bluetooth is working.
  • Then click on Settings and press the Bluetooth option. After turning it on, add the fitness device.

Connecting the Fitness Tracker to a Phone

Creating a connection between your fitness tracker and a smartphone is simple when you closely follow a definite procedure. You should understand that settings vary from one fitness tracker to the other. However, everything is the same, whether you’re dealing with an Android device or iOS. Read on the guide to approach this;

  • Firstly, ensure both devices are switched on and charged. 
  • Get your smartphone and click settings.
  • Get on with the process by switching on the Bluetooth. This enables communication between the two devices.
  • Get into the fitness tracker application on your phone and gain access to the main menu. Here, add the fitness tracker, and you are done.
  • To achieve this with little or no interruptions, carry out the process in areas with a strong WIFI signal.


This guide takes you through on how you can easily and correctly connect your fitness tracker to the phone. If you encounter issues such as the smart bracelets not connecting, you need to read the user manual to solve it quickly.

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