How to Put SIM Card in Smartwatch

How to Put Sim Card in Smartwatch

Do you want to install a SIM card in your smart timepiece but don’t know how to do it? Well, we are glad you bumped into this piece. This step-by-step piece will teach you how to put a sim card in the smartwatch. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about smartwatch sim cards. Ready? Let’s get started.

Two Types of Installment

There many types of smartwatches that support sim cards and each has its way of installing a sim card. This article will focus on the two most popular sim card installation methods:

  1. 1Inserting the card by opening the back cover
  2. 2Inserting the card on the side (This is for a smartwatch with sim and memory card tray/slot)

Before we look at these methods, here’s something you should keep in mind: Not every sim card will fit into your watch. For this reason, take some time to confirm that the sim card you have bought will match your watch.

Got it? Now let’s take a look at how to install a sim card in a watch using the methods we have highlighted above.

Method 1: Inserting the Card by Opening the Back Lid/Cover

This method is pretty straightforward; you’ll be required to open the back cover to insert the sim card.

You have to use reasonable force and be careful when opening the back cover to ensure nothing is damaged. Here are the steps that you should follow when opening the back cover.

Step 1: Turn Off the Watch

First things first; make sure your watch is turned off. How do you do this? Long press the power button located on the right or the left side of your device.

Step 2: Remove the Screw

Some back covers have no screws, and all you need is to pull to remove the lid. Some back covers, however, have screws to hold them in place. Take some time to check if your back cover has any screws and remove any of them.

What if your back cover has no screw, how do you open it? The back cover should have a small slot that can help remove it. Find the slot and pull it; the lid will open.

If the slot is not there, find a spudger (a plastic material with a sharp flat head), and use it to open the back cover. The spudger should be strong. We insist you make sure the material you use is made of plastic to avoid scratches.

Also, avoid using too much force. Too much force can lead to costly damages. If you’ll be using a spudger to open your watch’s back cover, here’s how you should do it.

Insert the sharp flat-headed spudger in the space between the back lid and the rest of the body. Twist the spudger gently. This should separate the cover and the rest of the body.

Step 3: Lift the Lid Carefully

When lifting the lid, check if anything inside the watch is connected to it. If there’s a wire or components connected to the back lid, disconnect them carefully. After that, lift the lid and keep it aside (keep it in a safe place, and you can easily access it).

Step 4: Remove the Battery

Find the small notch above the battery and insert the sharp end of the spudger. Pull the battery upwards. Remove the rest of the battery using your hands. When the battery comes off, please keep it in a safe and easy-to-access place.

Step 5: Insert Your Sim

Find the sim slot and insert it. There will probably be a sim card figure just next to the sim card slot. Make sure you install the card as it appears in the picture.

Step 6: Place Back the Battery and Cover

Place back the battery and the back lid. If there’s anything that was connected to the back cover and you had disconnected it, make sure you put everything back as it was before you close the back cover.

Method 2: Inserting the Card on the Side

Some watches have a sim card tray on the side, which means you don’t have to open the back cover to insert your sim card. All you have to do is to push the SIM ejection tool into the tiny hoke located near the sim card tray (also referred to as sim card slot).

The sim tray will pop out. Pull it out gently and place the card into the tray. Make sure the sim card is installed correctly. If the sim card fits correctly and is in the correct orientation, push the tray back into the smartwatch until you hear/feel a click(s).

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are additional questions and answers.

1. Can I Use Any Sim Card for My Smartwatch?

No. The network carrier is compatible with your device.  The size of the sim card should also be compatible with your smartwatch.

2. What Kind of SIM Card Do You Need for a Smartwatch?

What sim card do I put in my smartwatch? The answers to these two questions depend on the type sim card that your smartwatch utilizes. There are two types of sim cards. E-sim cards and NANO SIM cards.

Before you buy a sim card, make sure you do through research to ensure you buy the right sim card for your watch. Also, check to see if your network carrier that offers duplicate sim card for the smartwatch.

3. Why Does a Smartwatch Need a Sim Card?

Smartwatches need sim cards to connect to the internet and network.

4. How Do You Activate the Sim Card After Installing It?

Start by checking your device’s manual. It has a guide on how to activate the sim card. If you misplaced the manual, you could search “how to activate sim card in smartwatch” on the web and follow the guide that provides info related to your watch.

5. Can I Use My Smartwatch Without a SIM Card?

Yes, you can. However, you won’t be able to make calls or send texts directly using your smartwatch. You won’t also be able to enjoy internet connectivity, which means you can’t use applications that require the internet.

6. Do Smartwatches Need Data Plans?

Yes, you do. After installing your sim card, ensure you purchase a data plan to enjoy internet and network connectivity.

There you have it: A guide on how to put a sim card in the smartwatch. If you have a question that has not been covered in this piece or you encounter a smartwatch sim card problem, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will try and address your concerns.

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