How to Set Up Letscom Fitness Tracker—Manual and Guide

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Have you recently bought a Letscom fitness tracker and have no idea how to set it up? You’re not alone in this. This abstract will guide you to connect it to your smartphone, set the time, configure it to sleep mode, and troubleshoot when it fails to count your steps.

How Do I Connect My Letscom Fitness Tracker to My Phone?

With the Letscom fitness tracker on, you can have it connected to your smartphone through an app. However, you need an android or iOS smartphone. From your smartphone, download the LETSFIT app and install it.

  • To connect this fitness gadget, enable your smartphone Bluetooth before binding the gadget.
  • Open the installed app in your phone and click “Device,” then tap “Bind device.” As such, your smartphone will start searching for other devices on Bluetooth.
  • From the list of available devices, choose the fitness gadget for connection.

After the first installation and Bluetooth binding, the Letscom fitness device will automatically connect whenever your smartphone Bluetooth is on. However, this gadget links to one phone at a time.

How Do I Set the Time on My Letscom Fitness Tracker?

Are you traveling to a different city and have no clue how to adjust time on this device? Here’s how:

  • Turn off your smartphone Bluetooth
  • Disconnect the tracker from your installed LETSFIT app
  • After some seconds, turn on the phone Bluetooth

What App Do You Use for the Letscom Fitness Tracker?

To get the desired results from the fitness tracker, you must have a smartphone. The app works better on iOS and android supported phones.

How Do I Set Sleep Mode on Letscom Fitness Tracker?

If you maintain a full charge on your device, you don’t need to set it to a sleep mode. It automatically turns into sleeping mode when you sleep. However, it must sit firmly around your wrist for this to function. To obtain your sleeping information from the app, slide its homepage down to sync the information from the device to your app through a Bluetooth connection. 

How to Turn off a Letscom Fitness Tracker

Turning off your Letscom fitness tracker is a simple process. All you need is to get into your app and turn it off. As such, you’ll not receive any data from the gadget.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Not Counting Steps

Several reasons could make your Letscom fitness device stop counting steps. They include:

  • Low battery
  • Failure to meet set trigger points. You need to walk more than 20 steps for the sensor to start counting.
  • System errors – Connect it to your phone and reset it.

Final Thoughts

Letscom fitness tracker is great for health-conscious individuals. It comes with different features that a fitness tracker should have. Besides, its app has extra functionality suitable for your fitness course.

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