How to Stop MI Band From Counting Steps While Driving

How do you stop the MI Band 4 from counting steps while driving? We receive questions along those lines a lot. In this piece, we have decided to share with you a simple guide on how to stop MI Band 4 from counting steps while driving and also answer some FAQs about the MI Band Series. We will also share some tips on not counting steps or how to increase steps in MI Band 3.  Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

How to Stop MI Band Smart Watch From Counting Steps While Driving – Can Apply to Other Trackers

Generally, here’s an infographic on how to stop your smartwatch from counting steps while driving. These steps usually apply to most smartwatches:

how to stop your smartwatch from counting steps while driving

how to stop your smartwatch from counting steps while driving

The Mi Band is designed to track your steps and activity accurately, but it may sometimes register false steps, especially when driving or during. To prevent it from counting steps while driving, you can try the following steps: 

  • Enable “Detect Driving” – Some Mi Band models have a built-in feature called “Detect Driving” that helps filter out false steps when it detects continuous motion consistent with driving. To enable this feature, open the Mi Fit app on your smartphone, go to “Profile,” select your Mi Band device, and then look for the “Detect Driving” option. Turn it on to reduce step count inaccuracies during driving. 
  • Use “Do Not Disturb” Mode – Many Mi Band models have a “Do Not Disturb” mode that can be activated to suppress notifications and tracking temporarily. By enabling this mode while driving, the Mi Band is less likely to count steps as it won’t actively track movements during this time. You can activate “Do Not Disturb” mode either on the Mi Band itself or through the Mi Fit app. 
  • Disable Auto Tracking – Some Mi Band models automatically detect and track activities, including steps. Open the Mi Fit app, go to “Profile,” select your Mi Band device, and look for the “Auto Tracking” or “Automatic Activity Recognition” option. Disable it to stop automatic step tracking during driving. 
  • Use Manual Tracking – Instead of relying on automatic tracking, you can manually input your walking or running activities in the Mi Fit app. This way, you have more control over the step count data and can exclude driving. 
  • Remove the Mi Band – If you find that steps are still being counted while driving despite trying the above steps, consider removing the Mi Band from your wrist while driving. This ensures that the Mi Band does not register any false steps during your journey.

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What is Behavior Tagging in Mi Band

Behavior tagging in a Mi Band refers to a feature that allows you to manually log or tag specific activities or events during your daily routine. This feature is commonly found in fitness wearables, including Xiaomi’s Mi Band series, to enhance activity tracking and provide more accurate data insights. 

For example, if you go for a run, you can use the behavior tagging feature to label the activity as “running.” Similarly, you can tag activities such as cycling, walking, swimming, or even activities like yoga, weightlifting, or playing sports. The main purpose of behavior tagging is to provide you with a more detailed and customized activity log. By manually tagging activities, the Mi Band can better distinguish between different types of movements and exercises, leading to more accurate tracking of calories burned, distance covered, and other fitness metrics. 

In addition to physical activities, behavior tagging can also extend to other aspects of daily life. For instance, you can tag events like sleep, naps, or specific meals to gain insights into your sleep patterns and eating habits. By utilizing behavior tagging in a Mi Band, you can get a comprehensive overview of your daily activities and make informed decisions about your fitness and lifestyle choices.

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FAQs About the MI Band Series

Here are the questions and answers about MI Band

1. Does Mi Band Count Steps While Driving?

Yes, it does. How’s this even possible? The reasonable explanation for the question is the fact that driving involves a lot of hand and foot movements. These movements are in line with the fitness tracker’s algorithm, and this explains why the tracker counts steps while driving.

2. How Does MI Band Count Steps?

Like most fitness trackers, the MI Band trackers record the steps you have covered in a day by detecting arm and body movements.

3. Apart from Counting Steps, What Else Can the MI Band Do?

Aside from counting your steps, Mi Band can also track your workout activities and sleep patterns. The tracker also supports notifications and alerts. It also displays a 3-day weather forecast and offers behavior tagging, which is similar to the behavior tagging MI Band 3.

More about the Mi Band: The tracker’s interface offers real-time tracking data on a wide array of activities. The unit’s construction is soft, light, and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The material is skin-friendly and water-resistant. Mi Band encourages you to be more active by showing you the steps you have covered in a day and how many more you need to achieve your goal. The “Reach Goal” badge that pops up motivates you to get up and keep moving.

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4. Are MI Band Steps Accurate?

This is probably the most asked question about MI Band 3-step counter accuracy. We tested the Mi band 3-step counter accuracy, and we have an answer for you.  Yes, the MI Band step is highly accurate.

My MI Band 3 not counting steps properly: what do I do? The MI Band 3 utilizes the latest step tracking, which enables it to track steps accurately and in real-time. As we tested the Mi band 3-step accuracy, we also noticed that tech in this bad boy also enables the tracker to track steps even when your arms are not moving.

5. How To Clear Steps in Mi Band?

My MI Band 3 not counting steps properly: what do I do? These are common questions with most clients. You need to clear the steps first. To clear the steps from your tracker, you will unpair your band from your device and sign out from the Mi Fit app.

You will then hold the button on the band for close to 15 seconds, after which you will pair back your phone to the band, sign in to the Mi Fit App and check the displayed content.

We hope that you will find our guide on how to stop MI Band from counting steps while driving insightful and helpful. We also hope the answers to the frequently asked questions about the MI Band Series will help make the right decision when you go looking for a fitness tracker.

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