How to Switch the Band on the Huawei Honor Band 4 Fitness Tracker

Switch the Band on the Huawei Honor Band 4 Fitness Tracker

Besides being a unique fitness tracking device, Huawei honor band 4 fitness tracker provides the user with a personalized selection of hi-technology, intelligence, cartoons, and sports. Additionally, Huawei honor band 4 fitness tracker features a stunning visual interface. Also, you’re likely to encounter engaging experiments of personalized alerts, alarms, and notifications. This customized uniqueness aims at meeting the ergonomic comfort you are yearning for.

Besides personalized ergonomic, the device user-friendly this gives a thrill of the hunt. However, for first-time use, you may find it challenging on how to switch the band on the tracker.

Have you got a Huawei honor band 4 fitness tracker for the first time, and you stranded on How to switch the band on the Huawei honor band 4 fitness tracker? Struggle no more because switching the honor 4 band is easy and straightforward; all you need is to follow the steps below.

Wake Up the Screen

A 2.5D glass covers Huawei honor band 4 fitness tracker screen making the screen to be off most times. Although not all, some of the OLED wearables display time always, this doesn’t make the band on 24/7. Therefore, you have to switch it through these got three options;

Firstly, you have to twist or rotate your wrist. To effectuate this method, wear the band on your wrist and keep it levelled. After levelling the band, rotate your wrist by at least 900 while keeping the band levelled. Once done, the screen will be activated in less than a second. Switch activation by rotating the wrist works 90% perfectly and quickly. However, display in Huawei honor band 4 can be activated by accident unlike in honor band 5.

The second option is by knocking or tapping the screen. Tapping the screen for a second will bring up the tracker display.

Lastly, lifting your wrist wakes up the band. The paradigm is that you raise your arm, allowing the band to point your face and the screen will be activated.

Applying either of the options wakes up the bands’ screen approximately in half a second. Notably, after switching the band, the screen stays on for utmost 5 seconds.

Power On/Off Honor 4 Fitness Tracker

And since Huawei honor band 4 fitness tracker powers on automatically when plugged in to charge. And so, no need to put it off while on use. But if you opt to switch the band forcibly, you have to use the bands’ pinhole. You should use either SIM eject pin or ballpoint pen. Using needles or piercing objects can damage the bands’ button.

Switch the Bands’ Screen

Is the displayed screen not appealing and you need to change it? These steps work perfectly.

  • Swiping the screen. While in default mode the screen displays a time interface. however, you can navigate system management (step count, sleep data, calorie count) by swiping the screen sideways (left to right)

Rotating your wrist. Put on the band maintaining your wrist levelled. Power on the screen and rotate your wrist approximately 900 while keeping the wrist levelled until your band navigates to the next screen.

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