How to Track Water Aerobics

Working out isn’t just limited to your gym or the track. You can take it a notch higher and take it to your pool. It’s actually a fun way to stay fit. But the main question arises: how do you know you are making progress? How do you track water aerobics sessions?

It’s quite simple because a smartwatch designed to be waterproof can do all the job for you. Let’s go deeper and see how this is even possible.

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So, How Do You Track Water Aerobics?

You only need to have the right tools to track your water aerobics. Let’s take a look at some available options for you:

Waterproof Fitness Trackers

At the top of the list are waterproof smartwatches. With modern technology, most of the wearables out there – whether you go for Fitbit or Garmin – are designed with waterproof capabilities. This allows you to track your heart rate and an estimate of your calories while exercising in your pool. Some are even immersible up to 100 feet, meaning that you can use them in Olympic-size pools.

Waterproof Fitness Apps

Not waterproof apps per se, but apps that are built for water-based activities. These apps have a feature that uses your smartphone sensor to track your movements, even when you’re in the pool. You’ll get data on how far you swim, speed, and calories you’ve burnt.

Swimming Trackers

There are fitness smartwatches, and then there are swimming trackers. These devices are designed primarily for water-based activities. You can be similar data you’d get with your smartwatch, but this time more accurate for your water aerobics.

Why Should You Monitor Your Water Aerobics or Workouts?

There are three simple reasons you may want to track your water aerobics, and they are not any different from tracking the same on your gym. If you monitor your water workouts, you can:

  • Assess your progress over a period of time. You know if you’ve been hitting your goals or need to take your workouts a notch higher
  • Make adjustments to your workout routine. If you haven’t dropped the calories you wanted yet, then you know you got to make it more intense.
  • Set achievable goals. You know how well or bad you’re doing and set reasonable goals that you can easily hit.
  • Remain motivated. If you see your progress over time, you’ll just smile and keep going.

Can I Wear My Fitbit During Water Aerobics?

Absolutely. Most of the Fitbit models come with a waterproof feature, allowing you to use them even underwater. However, always check with the model you’re using or wish to know if this feature is available or not.

Generally, there are many Fitbit models that are both water-resistant and waterproof. You can use them in water aerobics, swimming, and other water-based activities. Here are popular Fitbit Models you should consider:

  1. Fitbit Versa Series – Many models in this series are marked at 50 meters water-resistant, making them suitable for swimming and water aerobics. Consider going for The Fitbit Versa, Versa Lit, and Versa.
  2. |Fitbit Charge Series – Both the Fitbit Charge 3 and Charge 4 can withstand up to 50 meters. Besides that, you can also wear them all day without any problems.
  3. Fitbit Inspire Series – In this series, go for the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR. Like the other series, these have a 50-meter capability.
  4. Fitbit IonicThis Fitbit can accommodate 50 meters, with good accuracy when it comes to fitness tracking features.
  5. Fitbit Sense – Besides enjoying the same distance (50 meters) submerged, models in this series come with something extra – stress tracking.

What’s the Difference between a Waterproof and a Water-Resistant Fitness Tracker?

Your fitness tracker is marked water-resistant. Your hubby’s is waterproof. What’s the difference? Does it mean you guys can take both smartwatches to the pool without any worry of damage? Well, not really. There’s a big difference between a water-resistant and a waterproof fitness tracker. Here’s what you need to know:

Water-Resistant Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker that’s water-resistant is designed to withstand exposure to some depth. It may not be completely impervious to water. You will find that your watch is labeled with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating, which is followed by a number. Now, the first two numbers represent protection against solid surfaces, while the second one shows protection against liquids.

Let’s look at an example. A fitness tracker that’s rated IP67 means it has protection against dust (6) and can withstand being immersed in water for up to 1 meter for a duration of 7 minutes. Generally, however, know that water-resistant fitness trackers are not built with deep and high-pressure waters in mind.

Water-Proof Fitness Trackers

The name “waterproof” shows that your smartwatch can withstand deep waters, even diving. While some fake models might include the term for marketing and fail terribly when you use it, well-known market brands such as Fitbit actually mean it.

All you have to do is confirm how much depth the fitness tracker can accommodate and what features will be active at maximum. Luckily for you, all this information is provided in the User manual.

Can I Do Water Aerobics with My Apple Watch Series 8?

Yes, you can do water aerobics with your Apple Watch Series 8. The smartwatch packs great upgrades from the Series 6, boasting swim-proof, dustproof, and crack-resistant features. The watch has a water-resistant rating of WR50 as per ISO standards.

But how do you activate water aerobics on your Apple Watch Series 8? Here are some simple steps:

  • Open your workout App
  • Scroll down to display the “Pool Swim” option. Tap it to start your workout. You can also choose the “More Button” option to set time goals, distances, and calories.
  • If you’re swimming in a pool, set the pool length by turning the digital crown. This doesn’t give it extra protection but helps the watch measure your distance and laps accurately.

When your exercise begins, the screen will lock automatically in order to prevent accidental taps that would occur with water droplets.

What Water Aerobics Can You Do with Your Fitness Tracker?

If you love working out and now want to take your fitness goals to the water, there are several aerobics exercises you can consider and track your progress with a fitness tracker. These include:

  • Swimming strokes – This is the old-skul swimming, whereby you take laps on your poll and track the strokes you take
  • Aqua jogging – you jog, only this time it’s on water rather than on land. The legs have to be suspended on water
  • Water walking – here, you keep your waist deep in water and mimic walking.
  • Water Zumba – Just like you do in the gym – you Zumba dance in the water
  • Aqua dance – different from water Zumba because this one incorporates various dancing styles and movements. You have fun as you exercise
  • Aqua cycling – Warning – not an easy one! Stationary bikes are placed in the water, and you have to pedal against the water resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it Possible to Wear Fitbit Charge 5 in the Pool?

Yes. The Fitbit Charge 5 is destined to be water-resistant for up to 50 meters. You can wear the smartwatch as you swim, shower, or doing your water aerobics. However, you should note that the wearable is not intended for deep-water activities like diving. Keep rinsing it after water exposure, just to keep it safe.

What Features Should My Fitness Tracker Have for Water Aerobics Tracking?

Your fitness tracker should be water-resistant or waterproof, capable of tracking lap count, duration, heart rate, and possibly even stroke count and calories burned in water.

What’s the Difference Between Pool Swim and Open Water Swim on My Fitness Tracker?

“Pool Swim” is designed for tracking laps in a pool, while “Open Water Swim” is suitable for tracking swimming in open water bodies like lakes or oceans.

Can I Track My Heart Rate During Water Aerobics?

Some fitness trackers offer heart rate monitoring even in water. Check your tracker’s specifications to see if it supports underwater heart rate tracking.

How Accurate is Water Aerobics Tracking on Fitness Trackers?

Accuracy can vary, but most trackers provide reasonable metrics for lap count, duration, and heart rate. Stroke count and calorie estimates might have some variance.

Can I Use My Fitness Tracker for Deep-water Exercises or Diving?

Most fitness trackers are not suitable for deep-water activities or diving, even if they’re water-resistant. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How Do I Clean My Fitness Tracker after Water Aerobics?

Rinse your fitness tracker with clean water to remove chlorine or salt residue. Use Water Lock mode if available to clear water from the screen and buttons. Most Apple smartwatches will come with this feature.

Can I Track Water Aerobics Without a Fitness Tracker?

Yes, you can manually track your water aerobics session by noting the duration, exercises performed, and perceived intensity in a waterproof notebook.

Can I Sync My Water Aerobics Data with Fitness Apps?

Many fitness trackers allow you to sync your water aerobics data with fitness apps on your smartphone, providing a comprehensive overview of your workouts.