How to Transfer Fitness Data from Fitbit to Galaxy Watch

If you recently switched from a Fitbit tracker to a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you probably want to move your activity history and progress over to the new device. No need to start all your progress from scratch!

Thankfully, transferring your fitness metrics like step count, sleep data and workout records between the platforms is straightforward with the right steps. 

This guide will walk through the simple process to seamlessly migrate your stats from Fitbit to your Galaxy Watch. 

How do I transfer Fitness Data from Fitbit to Galaxy Watch – Simple Steps

  • Install the Samsung Health app –  First, install the Samsung Health app on your Android phone if you haven’t already. This is where your Galaxy Watch fitness data is stored. Sign into your Samsung account within the app. 
  • Connect accounts in the Health Sync app – Next, download and install the “Health Sync” app on your phone. This convenient app allows syncing fitness data between platforms. Open the app and connect your Samsung Health account and Fitbit account using your login credentials. 
  • Choose data to sync – In Health Sync, check the data types you want to transfer from Fitbit to Samsung Health. This typically includes steps, nutritional data, weight, sleep, and workout records. Choose your desired sync settings. 
  • Trigger a sync –  With accounts connected, tap “Sync Now” in Health Sync to initiate transferring data from Fitbit to your Samsung Health profile. It may take some time to fully transfer multiple data types and date ranges. 
  • View transferred data – Once completed, open the Samsung Health app on your phone to view your synced Fitbit activity now available in Samsung Health! It will also sync automatically to your Galaxy Watch. Enjoy having all your historical fitness data in one place!

Syncing Galaxy Watch With Fitbit

Galaxy watches and Fitbit tracking gadgets have sensors that gather details like sleeping behaviors, heartbeat rates, and steps you take. Collected data is moved to smart devices to be useful. The info can now be loaded onto a Fitbit dashboard.

The Fitbit app(Android Google or Apple iOS) has a dashboard used together with physical gadgets. Users can track their progress and use the data to compare with what was collected previously. From the dashboard, one can tell about your sleeping behaviors and workout progress. The data can also be shared with close friends to motivate and challenge them.

Data Sharing

Fitbit depends on Bluetooth application for gadgets to share data. Bluetooth network refers to a wireless connection technology that involves the transfer of data between electronic appliances that are close. Data moved to dashboard is ready for evaluation and you need to use the ideal program during the set up. The application is compatible with all Windows 10 computers, iOS, and Android devices.

Syncing Fitbit and Samsung Health App

Transfer Your Fitness Data from a Fitbit device to a Galaxy Watch

Samsung health application connects to various services and applications to push and pull information through them. Advanced options of Samsung health app integrate with Fitbit and other tracking services.

Device Setup

Start by downloading Fitbit software from the right app store depending on operating system of a device. Download and run the app as per the on-screen procedure and open a Fitbit account accurately. Finally, join the Fitbit device and smart watch to allow transfer of data.

Get software to move data from a Fitbit tracking device or galaxy smartwatch to dashboard. In gadgets that are not Bluetooth-enabled, get a wireless dongle to aid in these set-up tasks. Dongle is inserted in a computer to start the Fitbit downloading and account creation. After the devices are paired, files can be transferred whenever the app is opened.

Common Questions

Does Samsung Health auto-sync with Fitbit?

Unfortunately, Samsung Health does not directly sync with Fitbit. You need to use a third-party app like Health Sync to transfer Fitbit data into Samsung Health and then out to your Galaxy Watch.

What fitness data can I transfer from Fitbit to Galaxy Watch?

With Health Sync, you can transfer step count, sleep tracking, weight, nutrition (calorie) info, and historical workout data like runs and bike rides. Heart rate data does not directly transfer over.

Is the data transfer one-time or continuous?  

Health Sync allows doing a one-time data transfer from Fitbit. But you can also set it up to continuously sync new Fitbit data to Samsung Health daily or weekly, keeping both profiles in perpetual sync.

How far back can Health Sync transfer Fitbit data?

The Health Sync app can transfer up to one year of historical Fitbit data into Samsung Health. So you get a comprehensive overview of your fitness journey.

Will this sync impact my Fitbit data or account?

The Health Sync transfer process simply copies data from Fitbit to Samsung. It does not alter or remove any data from your Fitbit profile, allowing you to maintain both accounts.

Do I need my watch paired to transfer data?

Nope – since Health Sync transfers data directly between the Fitbit and Samsung Health phone apps, you only need your accounts connected. Your Galaxy Watch does not need to be paired during the process.