How to Use Vivitar Fitness Tracker—Guide on Getting Started

Vivitar fitness tracker isn’t medical equipment but a monitor of aerobic exercises and activities. The tracker helps one monitor heartbeat, blood pressure, sleep quality, steps & distance covered, and burned calories. Vivitar fitness tracker is a watch-like device, and you’ve to wear it on the most active hand firmly.

If you spend most of your time searching for guidelines on how to use the Vivitar fitness tracker? You’re in the right place. All that you need to know about how Vivitar fitness tracker functions is conveyed here.

How Do I Turn on My Vivitar Fitness Tracker?

Using the Vivitar fitness tracker for the first time, you may ask, how do I turn on my Vivitar fitness tracker? Indeed, it can be challenging when lacking the know-how of turning on the device. However, turning on the Vivitar fitness tracker is very easy, all you need to do is to long-press the ON/OFF icon/button for at least 3 seconds. The device displays the main watch interface as a sign it’s on. To power off, repeat the same procedure, this time it will vibrate an indication that it is powering off.

How Do I Charge My Vivitar Fitness Tracker?

Has your fitness tracker run out of charge, and you’re asking yourself, how do I charge my Vivitar fitness tracker? Worry no more, you can charge the Vivitar fitness tracker by following these two simple steps;

  • Connect the charging end (small connector) of the charger(micro-USB) to the tracker charging port located backside.
  • Connect the large USB connector to a USB port present in either a USB charging adapter or on a computer. Don’t forget to power on the power supply source.

Once done, the Vivitar fitness tracker takes 1–2 hours to charge fully. For the initial charge, allow it to charge for up to 2 hours. While charging, the tracker shows animated icons on the screen display. You can switch to Time mode while charging by tapping the ON/OFF button for 1 second.

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How Accurate Is the Vivitar Fitness Tracker?

How Accurate Is the Vivitar Fitness Tracker

As a new user of the Vivitar fitness tracker, you may find yourself battling the question of how accurate is the Vivitar fitness tracker? Ideally, you’ve to know that the Vivitar fitness tracker is precise and good because it has BPM, BP, steps, and miles of the tracker. The most amazing thing is that the watch is synced with imperial measurements, miles instead of metrics.

A recent study by scientists revealed that heart rates recorded by the Vivitar fitness tracker are pretty accurate. Although, not dependable on the occasion of how many calories you’ve burned.

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How Do I Connect My Vivitar Fitness Tracker to My Phone?

Connecting the Vivitar fitness tracker to either Android Google or Apple iOS smartphones is simple.  You are only required to follow a couple of easy steps to have everything ready. The steps include;

  • Download an up-to-date fitness tracker App.
  • Ensure either the phone or the tracker isn’t in flight mode.
  • Allow the tracker to access your phone’s storage and location, Bluetooth compatibility. In your phone, go to settings, click on the fitness app and tap permissions, and allow them.
  • Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Ensure the fitness watch is close to your phone.
  • If the Bluetooth signal is strong, the connection will be successful and without interruptions.
  • Ensure your phone has up-to-date versions, i.e., Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8+ or Windows 10 mobile.

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