How to Wear a Fitness Tracker With a Watch — Do You Need Both?

For centuries, watches are termed as accessories with sentimental value. Although not all, smartwatches are regarded the same while having an internet connection or not. Some are worn for either professional accords or beautification. Ideally, fitness trackers cannot bridge the gap fillable by watches in one’s heart despite displaying the watch interface.

To people attached to watch sentimental, you may find yourself wondering how to wear a fitness tracker with a watch. A burning question, is it okay to wear a watch and a fitness tracker? A simple response is yes; you can wear a fitness tracker together with a watch. But, except when done rightly, the outfit may look out-fashioned. That’s why non-wrist options offer solutions on how to wear a fitness tracker with a watch for the best outfits. These options please your traditional watches desire and monitor your fitness level concurrently. The options include;

  • Fitness tracker ring
  • Chest straps
  • Armbands
  • Hybrid watches: Garmin Vivomove HR, Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch, Men’s Fossil Q Explorist, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Misfit Vapor, Kate Spade Scallop, Misfit Command., etc.

Small fitness trackers: Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Alta, Garmin Vivosmart, Huawei Band 3 Pro, Fitbit Inspire HR, Jawbone Up, Honor Band 4, Samsung Galaxy Fit e.t.c

If you value your watch’s sentimental worthiness and don’t want to lose it while you monitor your fitness, wearing both the tracker and the watch is ideal. But how? Well, you can wear the watch on your left hand and the fitness tracker on your right hand. Nothing deters you from wearing both devices together.

How to Wear a Fitness Tracker With a Watch

For many users, wearing a tracker alongside a beloved timepiece can feel a bit cumbersome. So how can you comfortably integrate the two?

With some clever tricks, you can enjoy the benefits of both devices simultaneously:

On the same wrist 

This is the most convenient option, but you’ll need to experiment first. Here are some tips for you:

  • Try wearing the tracker higher up on your forearm, at least a couple inches above your watch. This allows both to make flush contact.
  • For thicker watches, it may be more comfortable to have the tracker above versus stacking below, which can feel too bulky.
  • Loosely fasten the tracker band to avoid any pinching when overlapping devices.
  • Opt for a thinner, more low-profile tracker model if available to minimize bulk.
  • Never compromise tracker tightness – it should always be snug enough not to slide around.

On opposite wrists

If wearing two bands on one arm feels too crowded, put the tracker on your non-dominant wrist instead. 

  • Match the band style to your watch for the most cohesive stacked look.
  • Remember to use your non-dominant hand for gestures like checking the time to avoid accidentally covering trackers.
  • Focus on keeping the tracker fastened properly to ensure ideal sensor contact.

Get creative

If wrist wearing isn’t ideal, get innovative with style and placement. Here’s what I am talking about:

  • Attach the tracker to a belt, waistband, or shoelaces for all-day body movement tracking.
  • Consider a pendant tracker that can be worn as a necklace in sync with your watch.
  • Strap it to an armband when exercising for workout-specific tracking.

Can You Wear Fitbit and Watch?

At times, you can be torn on whether to wear Fitbit and watch at the same time. This happens if you’ve got an interest in tracking your fitness levels and maintaining an attractive outlook on your watch. This would help if you stopped battling with the query because you can capture both your fitness level and metrics at the same time by wearing a Fitbit tracker and a watch.

Tech fashions have become more stunning. As a lover of both Fitbit trackers and smartwatches, you may wonder whether it is okay to wear both at the same time. To fashion lovers, it may be slightly unworthy of having both on the same wrist. Why? Because the outlook seems to be out fashioned. To generals, it’s okay, no harm in wearing both concurrently.

To wear both, you need to twist the fashion standpoints backward to mix your Fitbit and watch together. This will help monitor your steps, distance, and metrics, heartbeat, to mention a few. However, there is no need to have bulky accessories tied to your wrist; all you need is to decide how to use both. You can achieve this by tethering each accessory on either the right or left wrist independently.

Although it may seem like fashion faux, the answer to whether you can wear Fitbit and watch at the same time is yes. Bite the bullet and wear both the Fitbit fitness tracker and a smartwatch.

Is There a Fitness Tracker You Can Wear on Your Ankle?

Are you searching for an ankle fitness tracker, and you lack a go-ahead on how to go about it? Worry no more, Fitbit Zip Flex 2 can fit you amicably.

Unsurprisingly, Fitbit Fitness ranks top among the wearable ankle fitness tracker. Besides, Fitbit Zip Flex 2 is an enthusiastic device, making it the best ankle tracker. Other ankle fitness trackers in this category include;

1. Garmin Foot Pod

This is an exciting fitness tracker, although it has some caveats. Garmin fitness tracker is a must-have to use the Garmin foot pod because it doesn’t configure with other tracker brands. To use it, you’ve to tether it to your shoe to avoid ankle discomforts.

2. Ankle fitness bands

Ankle fitness trackers can cause discomfort when not designed for your ankle. However, ankle fitness bands offer a comfortable experience and no discomfort. They provide a perfect solution to users of trackers not designed for their ankles.

3. Moov Now Ankle Fitness Tracker

With Moov Now, you’re guaranteed lots of benefits because you adjust your goals and coach alongside them.

4. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR is a classically designed fitness tracker featuring waterproof, duration track, and heartbeat monitor features. The Fitbit Alta leads as the best fitness tracker.

Misfit Ray

Are you after a stylish and personal fitness tracker? If yes, Misfit Ray is worth considering. Misfit Ray is a bracelet-like fitness tracker, and it’s fitted with a black strap and gold tracker.

5. Garmin Vivo Smart 4

This tracker is equipped with whistles and bells that you can apricate. Unlike other trackers, Garmin Vivo Smart 4 is capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation. Additionally, it has music controls that can bring entertainment to your ears when training or cycling.

6. Mi Band 3

Might you be searching for an affordable, cute, and bell-fitted tracker? If yes, Mi Band 3 is a considering ankle fitness tracker. The Mi Band 3 resists water up to 50 meters, guaranteed by the OLED display. Also, it has an excellent battery life.

Notably, the majority of fitness ankle trackers don’t monitor heart rate. Therefore, the choice of a comfortable ankle fitness tracker depends on personal preferences. Moov Now serves you perfectly if you want an ankle tracker specifically designed to fit your ankle. On the other hand, Fitbit Alta can be used with other devices.

Where Else Can You Wear Your Fitbit?

Do you find yourself struggling with whether there exist alternatives on where else can you wear your Fitbit, other than the wrist? This happens to medical or health practitioners who aren’t allowed to wear other gadgets for hygienic reasons. This seems like a challenge; however, there are alternatives.

You can wear a Fitbit fitness tracker on your ankle, bra, waistband, or pocket with the clip sensor touching your body. Unfortunately, there exists a controversy that wearing Fitbit on the wrist is the only official way. But the suggested places can still serve the same purpose as the wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can wearing a fitness tracker and watch on the same wrist affect accuracy? 

Wearing a fitness tracker and a watch on the same wrist might not significantly affect the accuracy of either device’s functions. However, it is important to ensure that both devices fit well and do not cause any discomfort or interference with each other. 

Are there any specific considerations when wearing a fitness tracker and watch together? 

When wearing a fitness tracker and watch together, consider the fit and size of both devices. Ensure they do not press against each other too tightly, as this might cause discomfort or affect accuracy. Additionally, be mindful of skin irritation that may occur due to prolonged contact with the devices. 

Can wearing both devices lead to skin irritation? 

Some people might experience skin irritation when wearing both a fitness tracker and a watch on the same wrist, especially if the skin is sensitive or if the devices trap moisture against the skin. To prevent irritation, ensure that the area is clean and dry, and consider removing the devices periodically to allow your skin to breathe. 

Can I track my fitness activities and time with just one device that combines both functions? 

Yes, there are fitness trackers available that also have watch features, allowing you to track your fitness activities and monitor time using a single device. These hybrid devices offer the convenience of both functionalities.