Can You Locate a Missing Kid With a Fitness Tracker?

Most people associate GPS trackers with navigation, locating lost pets, or finding personal effects. But did you know that you can use this feature to keep an eye on your child?

Yes, you read that right. Other parents are taking advantage of this technological advancement to enhance their parenting. Why not you? Read on as we discuss fitness tracker techniques you can use to locate a missing child.

Does Fitbit Have a GPS Tracker If Lost?

Fitbit Charge 4 is one of Fitbit’s trackers that come with a built-in GPS. This activity tracker is light in weight, easy to use, and provides impressive tracking (exercise, sleep, and heart rate monitoring). Fitbit Charge 4 can easily be tracked using GPS in case it is lost.

Is There a Way to Locate Your Fitbit?

Misplacement is one common challenge you are likely to encounter when using your Fitbit tracker. How do you find your lost Fitbit? You can easily find your lost Fitbit by using either a Fitbit app or a Bluetooth-tracking app.

How do you locate your Fitbit using the Fitbit app? Follow the easy steps listed below.

How to Locate Your Fitbit With Fitbit app

Locate Your Fitbit With Fitbit app

If your child was wearing a Fitbit, the following steps will help you find him or her.

  1. Establish a timeline. Use your synced phone to check the last time your Android or iPhone was synced to your Fitbit. This will give you a hint of when last the device was used. In this case, the established timeline will guide you to when last your child was with the Fitness tracker.
  2. Activate the Fitbit app on your phone and retrace your steps to places your child could have been. Focus your search around the last place the Fitbit synchrony was visible.
  3. The Fitbit app will notify you when you are in close range of your device. You are likely to find your Fitbit in areas that your child tends to frequent. This will probably lead you to a parking lot, the park, a friend’s place, or within the neighborhood.

How to Locate Your Fitbit Using a Bluetooth Tracking App

This is another way of locating your child if they had a Fitbit.

  • Use either Find my Fitbit, Fitbit Finder, or Bluetooth Finder to track your missing Fitbit tracker.
  • Using a Fitbit paired phone, go to places that your child tends to frequent and use Bluetooth to sniff out the tracker.
  • The Bluetooth apps will target the Bluetooth signal emitted by your Fitbit fitness tracker and are effective up to a distance of 100 feet.
  • To launch the search, turn on your Bluetooth and move around your surroundings as you keenly observe whether your Bluetooth app picks up a signal.
  • The smart find technology used in the apps is user friendly and easy to use
  • Luckily, the apps don’t need to be installed on your device in advance. You can download them even after your Fitbit has been misplaced (or the child is missing).
  • The only inconvenience you are likely to witness while using these Bluetooth apps are on battery levels. The Bluetooth apps will only pick a signal when there is sufficient battery power on your Fitbit.

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Why Is My Fitbit Tracker Not Found?

There are a few factors that could be blocking signals from your Fitbit Tracker.

  • Your device could be off. A GPS signal cannot be picked from a power-drained Fitbit 
  • You have not synced your tracker to your phone or computer. This could be the reason why the signal from your tracking device is not detected.
  • Your Fitbit is not within range. The distance between you and your Fitbit could be more than 100 feet. The method of tracking a Fitbit is location and distance sensitive.
  • There are numerous devices with Bluetooth on within your vicinity. It is difficult to pick a GPS signal in a setting where the Bluetooth applications of different devices have been turned on.
  • There is a lot of interference in the atmosphere. Tall buildings, steep hills, dense forest, or thick cloud cover tend to interfere with your Fitbit’s ability to connect to GPS satellites
  • Your current area has a poor network connection. Some rooms tend to block GPS signals, and this could be the reason why your Fitbit is not found.

You Can Always Follow the Steps Below to Enhance Your Fitbit’s GPS Visibility.

  1. Tap on the “devices” button from your Fitbit app
  2. Click on the “Remove this device” option that appears at the bottom of the menu. 
  3. From your phone’s Bluetooth settings, tap on the “Forget This Device” option.
  4. On  the Fitbit app, click on the “Account” option in the upper right corner and select “Set up a Device”

NB: This process should reset-up your device and hopefully improve your Fitbit’s GPS visibility.

How Do I Deactivate My Lost Fitbit?

You can easily deactivate your lost Fitbit by Clicking on the Account option that appears at the start menu of your Fitbit application. You will then click ‘Your Device’ in the upper left of the application window. Finally, click the ‘Remove’ button. You will have successfully deactivated your Fitbit!

Fitbit has been known to play a crucial part in helping individuals reach their fitness goals. As discussed, the tracker can also be used in tracking location and locating a missing child. We wish you well as you use Fitbit Fitness Tracker!

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