Should you wear a Garmin all the time?

wear garmin all the time

Garmin fitness trackers are portable, easy to use, function well, and aid in achieving desired fitness goals. No wonder they’re popular around the world.

With their great precision, the accessories track complex activities such as jogging, yoga, and spinning. This has, in turn, boosted motivation to work out and reduced dependence on gyms.

But, exactly how do fitness trackers work? And should you wear a Garmin all the time? Here’s the simple answer.

Do you wear your Garmin all day?

It is recommended that you wear this wearable at all times. Having a Garmin on you throughout the day will enable the tracker to assess your daily physical activities. You can, however, take a break from your fitness tracker to allow charging and to lessen any discomfort on your wrist.

When wearing this activity tracker, ensure it sits securely, comfortably, and naturally on your wrist. You should position your Garmin watch close to the pulse area for easy heart rate tracking. You should, however, ensure it does not bounce too far from the skin. Such movements could interfere with the readings or expose the tracker to falling and cracking.

Should you wear your Garmin to bed?

Sleep is very important! The quantity and quality of your sleep greatly impact your weight, stress level, emotional intelligence, mental health, and decision making. Luckily, you can easily monitor the nature of your sleep using a Garmin watch.

Garmin watches use a Galvanic skin response sensor, Optical heart-rate monitors, Ambient light, and UV sensors to monitor sleep and give information on your general well being. It is therefore important to wear your Garmin to bed. Be sure to wear your device for more than one hour before bedtime. Adjust the wristbands correctly to ensure that the device fits as you sleep.

Can I shower with my Garmin Venu?

Garmin Venu is an all-around Garmin watch that is dedicated to a wide number of sports. With this watch, you can comfortably cycle, run, golf, and even swim. This unit is rated at 5 ATM and can handle splashes, showering, and swimming. 

Avoid exposing your wearable to soaps, oils, and perfumes to preserve your device’s appearance and to avoid possible skin irritation. You should also thoroughly dry your unit after exposing it to water.

How long should a Garmin watch last?

The lifespan of any fitness tracker is dependent on its battery. The longer the battery life, the longer your tracker’s lifespan. Garmin watches are known for their enviable battery life. With a Garmin watch, you can be assured of 8–12 hours of GPS and 5-days battery without GPS. Most Garmin watches last for an average of 6 years. You can always prolong the battery life of your smartwatch by:

  • Turning off most applications. Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth tend to drain the battery. It is therefore important to limit the use of these applications. You can also consider deleting companion apps
  • Disabling notifications or vibration. Try using your watch infrequently and limit yourself to using it only when checking the time. Additionally, ensure your watch’s face is in timeout mode
  • Setting your backlight to auto or completely turn off your backlight motion. You should also avoid using highly animated watch faces as they drain your battery.

How do fitness trackers work?

Though they may look small, Fitness trackers are complex and use advanced technology to function. Fitness trackers are packed with different sensors that they use to keep track of your activities.

Some of the major trackers in fitness trackers include GPS, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Optical heart-rate monitors, Altimeters, Galvanic skin response sensor, Ambient light, and UV sensors. These trackers pick up the distance, steps, heart rate, sweating, temperature, altitude, and sometimes sleep. They then present this data in a way you can easily interpret. This then allows you to understand your physical fitness.

While shopping for a fitness tracker, it is advisable to settle on one that has many sensors. The more the sensors, the broader the information spectrum and the more accurate the information.

What are the benefits of having a Garmin watch?

Garmin is a functional and fashionable accessory brand. It offers the basics of a simple wristwatch with additional fitness features. Garmin fitness trackers offer a long-lasting battery, music, safety features, and the necessary features essential to a fitness tracker.

Apart from offering GPS data, the unit also monitors heart rate, pace, distance, calorie tracking, and lap functions. Garmin watches also provide real-time summary information on average pace, stride count, and elevation gain. These units also make sure you stay on course (hiking, trekking, rock climbing) and reach your destination safely.

Additionally, the activity tracker can synchronize and analyze training data, upload photos, and videos, and send notifications from your phone to your watch. You can understand why Garmin is ahead of its competition!

Smartwatches are becoming popular because of their useful features. You can use a smartwatch to improve many aspects of your life. Apart from tracking steps, heart pace, and calorie counts, Garmin offers daily achievements. These achievements act like goals to help you achieve a milestone like losing weight. Go for a durable Garmin watch. It will stand the test of time as you wear it all the time.


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