Which Fitness Tracker Works Best With Noon—Top 5 List

noom compatible trackers

Fitness trackers are used to providing exact information to those who use them. If you resolve to track your weight loss and keep a check on how you effectively burn, then Noom health app is the better you can use. It’s easier to install the app on any smartphone like the android and iPhone.

One of the distinct features that Noom has is an adjustment mechanism that helps you to adopt better habits of diet that can improve your health. Additionally, Noom has coaches trained adequately on setting goals together with food. Below is a list of 5 trackers that work best with Noom.

Fitbit Does Fitbit Work With Noom?

Noom sync with Fitbit ideally, and it assists in tracking your steps and transfers them to the Noom application on your smartphone. However, the only challenge is that it takes some time before the information reflects on your Noom app.

How to Connect My Fitbit to Noom

  • Firstly you will have to open the Noom app on your phone.
  • After which you Head over to the settings page
  • Select the apps and devices option to connect to additional devices.
  • Click on the connect button that is next to the logo
  • Log in your details to your account
  • If prompted, you can enable permissions.

Why Won’t My Fitbit Sync with Noom

A time there could be a technical hitch that may hinder fitbit from syncing with Noom. If this occurs, you can try the following steps. The first thing will be to confirm if the two are connected by clicking on settings choose the apps and devices option. Next, you’ll need to select the steps for the data choice Source option to ensure that the Fitbit option is selected.

Additionally, you should note it’s not possible to use your Noom app from another device other than yours. This is because it results in disconnecting your tracker with the app.

Does Noom Work With Garmin?

Garmin also syncs with the Noom app by permitting the app from the imported data. The app then logs out each of the workouts to be able to provide you with a precise calorie amount intake.

Misfit Wearable

The Misfit Wearable assists you in tracking steps, monitor heart rate and monitors calories burnt. While these features are great for other apps that help in losing weight apps, Noom singles itself out when it comes to these wearable. Noom only syncs the steps automatically. However, manually entered data can still get synced.


Qardio works best with Noom as the app syncs your steps and pressure for your blood. Qardio monitors your blood pressure and manages your calorie intake. After which the information is sent to the Noom app to be able to get accurate results.


Much like Qardio, Withings also monitors your blood pressure, temperature, and sleep. The scales also conduct scanning in one minute throughout your entire body to detect any changes that might have occurred.

Final Words

Noom is a health application that has been tried, tested, and proved to be effective. However, it is more reliable when synchronized with other fitness trackers. The fitness trackers above are best for the Noom app to give you the desired result and expectations on weight loss.

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