Why is Heart Rate Data Not Showing in Garmin Connect?

In my opinion, Garmin smartwatches rank with the best fitness gadgets available today. I believe so because these devices record everything I need to stay fit and healthy, from my heart rate to step count and calories burned. Sadly, they are not perfect, and that is acceptable. After all, no artificial device is impervious to problems.

Some problems I’ve experienced while using Garmin activity trackers include no heart rate data displaying in the Garmin Connect app and steps not syncing correctly. I’ve discussed them below and suggested solutions that have helped me over the years.

Dig in.

Why Is My Garmin Syncing But No Data?

One of the most mind-boggling problems involves a Garmin activity tracker that syncs but shows “No Data” when you access Training Status. I’ve encountered this issue several times while using my Garmin Forerunner 35. After researching extensively, I discovered the following issues can cause this problem:

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1. You Have Multiple Accounts

This is what made my Garmin activity tracker fail to show data. A few days prior, I had loaned it to a family member who created their own Garmin Connect account. They didn’t know that when a Garmin activity tracker gets connected to a new account, it stops syncing biometric data to other accounts connected previously.

If you face a “No Data” issue, check if your device syncs with multiple accounts. If this is the root of the problem, don’t fret. It’s pretty easy to fix. Just remove your gadget from all the associated accounts and add it to the one you consider your primary account.

2. Your Device is Incompatible With Training Status

Generally, advanced Garmin gadgets are compatible with Training Status. Some older models don’t work with Training Status. If you suspect this might be the source of your “No Data woes”, check if your device is on the compatibility list on the official Garmin website. If it’s not, consider upgrading to a device that’s compatible with Training Status.

3. Your Account is Linked to Multiple Devices

The Garmin Connect application is tailored to sync one user’s data. If you connect multiple activity trackers, you might encounter a “No Data” issue. But solving it is easy. Simply track your activities with the wearable set as your primary device. Once you’ve switched to the activity tracker set as the primary wearable device, your Training Status will start showing on the My Day dashboard on your Connect app.

4. Your Recorded Activities Don’t Meet the Prerequisites for Generating a Training Status

According to Garmin, generating a Training Status requires a Garmin smartwatch user to record and sync 1-2 cycling or running activities that generate a VO2 max each week. But that isn’t necessary for more advanced activity trackers with Heart Rate Variability.

If your gadget has the first requirement involving VO2 max, receiving a Training Status will require recording your runs outdoors with heart rate data and GPS tracking. But you may record outdoor or indoor cycling, provided you use a power meter to record heart rate data.

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What to Do if Your Garmin Has Stopped Recording Heart Rate

Why is Heart Rate Data Not Showing in Garmin Connect

One of the reasons why I love my Garmin smartwatch is it has a heart rate (HR) function. And with HR, I can monitor exercise intensity and overall wellbeing.

If, like me, you rely on this feature but can’t enjoy its perks because your activity tracker doesn’t record heart rate, check if you’ve accidentally turned HR off and fix the issue. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the middle-left button on your activity tracker
  2. Navigate to “Wrist Heart Rate”
  3. Check if the status shows “Auto”

If you discover that the status reads Auto, lift your arm while the activity tracker is on your wrist. The green LED lights should start flashing. If they don’t, and your gadget still fails to display your heart rate info, it may be time to replace it.

If you are in a supported country, use Garmin Exchange to get a replacement. But note that getting a new gadget may require an exchange fee. If the Garmin exchange country isn’t available in your region, seek help from the Garmin Product Support office that serves people from your region.

Garmin Connect Steps Are Not In Sync – What Do I Do?

Several issues can prevent your Garmin Connect steps from syncing. These include poor internet connection, outdated software, and app failure to connect with your device. Here are a few select solutions for this problem:

  • Check if your Android phone or iPhone is connected to the internet. On Android, go to settings and open “Connections” or “Network & Internet”. From there, check if you’ve turned on Wi-Fi or mobile data, depending on your preferences. If you are using an iPhone, go to settings and turn on Wi-Fi or cellular data.
    Open Garmin App
  • Verify if your Garmin Connect is up-to-date using its name and version number. If you are on Android Google, go to “Settings”, open “Apps”, and select the Garmin Connect App. You will see all the information you need. On Apple IOS, go to “Settings” and tap “General”. Then open “iPhone Storage” and select the Garmin Connect app. Your phone will show you the app icon, name, and version number. Once you have the correct information, go to support.garmin.com and use it to check if you have the latest version. If not, update it immediately.
    Set Up Garmin
  • Unpair your Garmin fitness tracker from the Connect app on your smartphone. Just open the application from your Android device or iPhone. Then click “More” on the bottom right section and select “Garmin Devices”. Tap your device and remove it from the “Remove Device” option. Once it’s unpaired, re-pair it again.

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Wrapping Up

Since I started using Garmin gadgets, I’ve encountered several common issues. These include “No Data” on my Training Status and steps not synced with Garmin Connect. But, I’ve discovered and successfully used several hacks to solve them. I’ve shared the solutions with you in this article. Hopefully, they will help you solve any problems you encounter in the future.

Good luck!

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Why is my heart rate data missing during certain activities in Garmin Connect? 

If heart rate data is missing sporadically, the monitor may have temporarily lost contact with your skin due to loose fit or irregular movement. Also ensure the sensor is clean and replace the battery if low.

I performed an activity but there is no heart rate data showing up at all in Garmin Connect – why?

If no heart rate data appears, the monitor likely was not worn or was not activated during the activity. Make sure your heart rate monitor is worn directly on the skin and pairs successfully with your device.

My heart rate readings seem very inaccurate or erratic – what could cause this?

Inaccurate or erratic heart rate data is often due to improper wearing position on the wrist or interference from tattoos. Try moving it higher on the arm away from wrist bones and ensure a snug fit.

Why does my heart rate data disappear during swimming activities?

Heart rate monitors using optical sensors on the wrist cannot get reliable readings underwater. Consider a compatible chest strap monitor for tracking heart rate during swimming.

I’m missing heart rate data during intervals or fast running – is this normal?

Yes, wrist monitors may struggle with heart rate lock at high intensities due to wrist motion. A chest strap provides more reliable tracking during intense intervals.

How can I get my resting heart rate data to appear in Garmin Connect?

Your device must be worn overnight to capture resting heart rate during sleep. Ensure all-day wear is activated in settings for resting data.

Let me know if you need any other Garmin heart rate troubleshooting FAQ ideas!